Saturday, December 27, 2008

Surviving 2008 Snow Storm in Seattle!!

Snow Storms, Shoveling and Snow Bears...

What a change from life in Africa...Snow storms swept across the Western United States leaving everyone housebound. We had to learn how to shovel snow. We also enjoyed learning how to make a snow man...well...let's just say it turned out to be a Snow Bear!

2008 is almost at an end. This year whipped by with a collage of activities. I want to say next year will be slower and there will be less things to do-- but then I say that every year-- in fact, someone pointed out to me I say that every month..."next month will not be as busy" and then next month comes along and it is equally, if not more, busy.

Well- a Happy New Year to One and All- hopefully in the new year I will be more consistent in updating this blog!

Zero to Sixty

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