Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and more

My dear friend, Shelley
What a month! Long awaited weddings are now over. Friends filling my home. Joy filling my heart. 

My house stayed full all month. If it wasn't one person, it was another. What is a house for if you can't share it with others? I often wish I had a bigger house so there would be more room for people who needed to stay. I had to turn someone away because every space was taken. 

Thanksgiving allowed for more people to congregate in the house. First it was supposed to be 15 people. Family and friends and new acquaintances were invited. Cassandra worked hard to decorate the table and I worked on the menu. All was in order and then the phone rang a day before Thanksgiving. 

"Can I bring an extra person."

"No problem!"

The phone rang again in the evening. By the following morning and a couple more phone calls, we were up to 17 people. The table was set, the Turkey was being carved, and in walked the 18th person. A quick scramble to set an extra place, no one was the wiser we had an extra person show up. Oh yes, a bigger house would be nice so I could accommodate as many surprise guests as would show up.

Where do I begin?

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