Monday, March 15, 2010

Rocky Mountain High- March 15th 2010

Large roads laid out endlessly in front of me. This is Denver, Colorado. When I drove down Colfax, suddenly I saw the foothills of the Rockies up ahead. The awesome beauty of the sight sucked my breath right out of me. I thought I was seeing the Rockies (what do I know, right?)...I found out what I was looking at was just the foothills...just the foothills, what would I do if I saw the actual Rockies? How would my heart stand the beauty and majesty?

Wide open spaces seem to be the norm here in Colorado. I could hear John Denver in my head as I was driving around- his "Rocky Mountain High" and other tunes started forming in the recesses of my brain. 

I had never really cared for Denver- only been here 3 times now- one time I was being rushed off a plane and to an emergency room, but that is a story for another day. Today, I saw the beauty of Denver and Colorado. Although I would not want to live here, I can appreciate the splendour of this place. I guess I got a little 'high' on the Rocky Mountains today- or at least the foothills. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Trip-Denver March 11 2010

On March 11 2010 I stepped onto a new pathway in my life's journey. I started down the path when I heard the words, "Mom, it is a girl!"

My son and his wife had their first baby, a little girl. She is a doll. Her name is Kailynn Josephine Ong. 

On this new path, I've taken on the role as 'grams' (grandmother)- I've never been a grandmother before....I have my ideas of what kind of grandmother I want to be and I don't want to be. They are just ideas. Now will be the testing of those ideas, and we will see what happens.

I'm open to ALL advice...words of wisdom...etc the meantime, I'm going to hold my beautiful little Kailynn as much as I can before I have to board the plane back to Seattle.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rendang in Denver

Who knew I'd come all the way to Denver to eat the most delicious rendang. The plane touched down at little after 5 pm & my son and his wife whisked us from the airport..."To somewhere special"...boy they weren't exaggerating!

We walked into the simple restaurant; it was wedged somewhere inbetween a quiznos and I vaguely remember a Jamba Juice around. My husband- a true blue Malaysian- glanced at me like "are they serious??"...but once we started eating the food at Jaya Asian Grill there were no more looks, glances or anything of a kind. We were too busy enjoying the delicious food!

What a great start to our time here in Denver, Colorado. Now if my grandbaby would hurry up and make his/her appearance...well, I think my time here would be just perfect! 

*Thanks to  "just call me 'A'" for catching my incorrect name of the restaurant- it is JAYA and not RAYA as I had stated :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who are you?

I've talked about my grandmother's old suitcase. The one which held countless pictures and documents. The one which opened up the world to me as far as extended family members. In this same suitcase, there are still some unidentified photos. Two of these, yet to be identified pictures, haunt me with "Who were you?" "What did you do with your life?" and many more such questions.

Orvina E. Kebom looks directly at the camera. Her eyes twinkle with the promise of secrets yet to be told. Is she taking this picture for some young gentleman she plans to marry? Is she just posing for her parents- somehow I think not. 

I did find a woman who thought this might have been a picture of my great-uncle's girlfriend. He met her while serving in WWI...does the fashion indicate this timeline would be correct? If this is the girl- then she died of TB and he was forever crushed by her death. 
The memory of the woman who told me this tale is questionable. Her stories melded from one story into another. She picked up the next picture and said, "Oh there she is ..."

This ethereal young woman was then decided to be the one who died of TB. The only name on the portrait is "Jacks Tacoma"- which I can only assume is the name of the studio where this was taken in Tacoma, Washington. 

I've googled..I've searched...but Orvina E. Kebom and Mezzo Studios, Tacoma yielded nothing. I searched for Jacks Tacoma with no results. I've even tried Jacksa or Jacksh...nothing. 

So I look at the two photographs and wonder what ever became of these young women. One who looks so full of life; the other who looks like she is a wispy, spirit who has been accidentally captured by a camera. A spray of fern close to her bodice and a ring caught up in her hair, she waits for her sweet heart to join her. 

I wish I could have known Orvina. Somehow I think she would have been a fun person to get to know. We might have enjoyed some great adventures together. As for "Miss Wispy" she seems so fragile. I would still have liked to know her story though. I love hearing people's stories..some sadness mixed with happiness, woven together to make up their life. 

There will be no story today. Although I put these photos away, I will not stop asking about them. Hopefully one day I will find someone who knows Orvina E. Kebom's story or "Miss Wispy"'s story. Until then I carefully put the pictures away for safe keeping.

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