Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blogathon comments

 Comments serve as a great form of communication. The blog writer and the blog readers are able to interact. On some blogs, I almost enjoy reading the comments more than the actual, not really, but the comments are very interesting.

Unfortunately, my own comments on other blogs can appear rather plain and robotic. This may have something to do with the fact, I'm trying to keep up with way too many blogs and always have this compulsion to leave a comment, no matter what!

It was with great interest that I went back through the blogathon comments. From May 1st to May 31st, the post which had the most comments was "Ointment for an Aching Soul" - there were 21 comments with this post. (of course, some of those comments were my answers to people's comments)...a close second, was "Chinese Tea Ceremony"-there were 20 comments on this post.

I decided to go through all the comments and see who the top three people were who commented during the blogathon.

The three top comment givers were:

A with 23 comments

Nisha with 20 comments

Joan with 11 comments

It was surprising to note how many other people made comments... regularly made comments. I want to thank EVERYONE for their consistency and enjoyable comments.

As for the above three mentioned- if you email me your physical address, I will send you a book. My email is 

Thanks to all who read and commented during the blogathon!! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Toronto, Canada May 2010

Toronto, Canada....big city, hustle and bustle...brick houses- tall buildings- A population made up of the United Nations.

The CN tower, a landmark, stands at 553 metres high. I kept wondering what the "CN" stood for; it stands for "Canadian National" tower. 

The view from the sky pod is incredible. The city spread out with streets snaking around both tall and short buildings. What came to my mind as I looked down at the vast expanse of concrete? I missed the emerald green of Western Washington.

It was great getting to see Toronto's China town. More green, smaller shops, and crowds of people speaking various dialects of Chinese. 

Toronto, a multifaceted city, worth the visit!

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