Friday, June 1, 2012

Feature Friday: Enid Blyton Books

Can you imagine my utter disappointment when I walked into a bookstore here in the States and they seemed to have no clue who Enid Blyton was! 

I grew up on Enid Blyton books....Famous Five, Malory Towers, Secret Seven, St. Clare's etc kids grew up on the Noddy books, the Naughtiest Girl series, Magic Faraway series, etc etc....her books made me want to read more. I graduated quickly from Enid Blyton straight into full blown historical novels...psychology text books...any classic literature I could lay my hands on...I would have never had the appetite for books if it had not been for Enid Blyton.

I've heard some negative reviews of her writing...and I'm sure, now as an adult, I might find some of the writing lacking...but as a child...well, she transported me into fantasy worlds. She was the reason I tramped around in primary six with my 4 best buddies- and we named ourselves the Fearless Four- or Famous Four- we would scope out haunted houses and explore abandoned buildings. We drank ginger ale and ate ginger biscuits....probably imagining we were on one of the Famous Five's great adventures. 

It is good to see that does offer more of her books. (compared to a few years ago) I know I have bought some classics from Ebay (for my grandkids). I hope these books are always around for children to enjoy!

If you were an Enid Blyton fan (or you just read some of her books) which one was your favorite??

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