Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Man's Land-- Part II

While waiting in "No Man's Land"-- there was something quite unique which happened. We didn't know where Stephen was but half way through our wait...along comes a traveler from Quetta with a letter. Stephen asked this guy who was on his way to Iran to find us at the border and give us the letter explaining why he was delayed. At the same time, I wrote a letter to him and sent it through another traveler going to Quetta. My letter never made it to him, but his letter made it to me.

Another curious event involved the man who fled during the night. The guards told us he had been captured by the police on the way. We were devastated to hear this. When Stephen arrived from Quetta he happened to mention seeing a man in 'such and such' a vehicle and with a little girl inside--- how happy we were to know he made it all the way to Quetta.


  1. Omigod, the age of no mobiles! and thank god for the man and the little girl :-)

  2. You know, I am really enjoying these travel stories!! never get to hear something like this nowadays! Adventues of Connie :-)

    1. You need to do your own travel adventure- even though it is only memories for me now- I think it did shape a part of my life at that time. (I know it changed my life forever)


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