Monday, July 7, 2008

Little Princess- Singapore/Japan 1990

It was the time of the cherry blossoms. I sat full bellied on a picnic mat with Sean and Katrina. We ate from the neatly organized obento I woke up early to prepare. The obento which looked exactly like the picture in the magazine-- believe it or not, a magazine which taught mothers how to create visually pleasing obentos.

The time was ripe for me to board an airplane with my two children and journey back to Singapore to wait for the birth of my third child. It was about 2 months from my delivery date so I knew there would be no problem traveling. The doctor gave me the green light. Unfortunately I think the baby thought the doctor gave the green light to come early...and early she came.

I was barely in Singapore for more than 2 weeks and Cassandra decided it was time to arrive. Thankfully Daniel arrived before she did and was able to rush me to the hospital. Emergency childbirths had become my specialty by then; however, this particular occasion was a bit more emergency than what we were used to. Not to worry- we both pulled through- and within six weeks we were back on an airplane heading for Japan.

When we returned to Japan we were greeted by
hanabi - summer was on us. Where had the spring gone? Spring, summer, autumn and winter swirled by me. I grasped for the seasons but they slipped through my fingers. I caught wisps of them as I took the children on picnics; kneeled 'Japanese style' on my tatami mat drinking tea; bought fishes for the children at the festival down the street. Maybe if I knew how fast time would fly, I might have attempted to hang on to the wisps and preserve I simply have the memories.

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