Monday, August 11, 2008

Have camel will travel- Middle East 1992

I'll never know what possessed my parents to plan a family reunion in the Middle East. Our family had not been together since 1972 and we were spread out all over the world. Now we would all meet in Jordan and travel to Israel. There were 21 of us, adults and children combined.

A trip with children can be interesting. In a hotel in Jerusalem, my children went out on the balcony and started yelling ,"mom, Michael is climbing over to our side!" I rushed out to see my 7 year
old nephew teetering on the outside of his balcony. He inched his way along with the intent of climbing over to ours. I looked straight down at the street far below. What was I to do? He was too far to tell him to go back and yet he wasn't far enough for me to reach him! I held my breath. If I startled him with any noise he might fall! So all I could do was speak calmly and reach out to grab his hand. It was an eternity before I grabbed his arm and pulled him over. How can a person be filled with so much relief and anger at the same time?

"What were you thinking????!!!!" Tears and hugs abounded.

The e
ntire trip was not filled with crisis moments. The sea of Galilee proved to be a restful place. Petra was spectacular. A horse ride through the pass brought us into a marvelous place with structures carved into the rocks. If not for the heat, I would have liked to stay there all day long. There are only a handful of places which I consider phenomenal and Petra is definitely one of them.

Our final boat ride on the Red Sea in Jordan was another memorable experience. The tour guide told us we would go out on a glass boat. Well, the boat was not glass but there was a glass panel in the bottom of the boat. As the boat glided along you could look down through the panel and see the fishes below. The weather was kind to us and the company was lovely. Afterall, what better way is there to spend a day in Jordan on the Red Sea than with your family?


  1. is a 'must do' on my wishlist.
    a reunion in beautiful & apt...very happy for u.

    But where are the pictures of the trip?

  2. hey I've tagged u....the books TAG. Chk it out:-D

  3. I finally added some pictures of the trip, as you requested.


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