Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ghana- What I miss

Okay, no more doom and gloom- life in Ghana was not all near death experiences and dead bodies. If the experiences were put on a scale, the good days far outweighed the bad days.

Each country is made up of people. Places are fine and things are great but ultimately it is the people who make up a place. They give the place meaning and life. Remove all the people and what is the value of the beautiful sunset or sunrise? What meaning does the historic building have anymore if you can't share it with someone? Ghana has some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet anywhere.

Of course you have your odd ducks, but what country doesn't? On the whole- the Ghanaian people are known for their hospitality- After all, where did the famous "Akwaaba" come from? A word symbolizing welcome in all the senses of the word.....welcome to my country...welcome to my city...welcome to my home.

Another trait found across the board in Ghana is their generosity. If they are eating a meal and you walk up- the instant response to your presence is, "You are invited." It doesn't matter if there is only a small portion of food on their plate or a large one..."You are invited." And it is not an empty invitation because on most occasions the invitation is accepted and the food is shared.

The most captivating aspect of a Ghanaian is their joy. Laughter rings out readily across a courtyard. Even in their disagreements, a smile will play on the edge of someone's lips and before you know it the entire group is laughing. The fight forgotten and a joke made cushioning the problems yet to be shared.

In the many years I lived in Ghana, I saw so many places. I experienced a great many things. When I left Ghana, I did not miss the beautiful beaches, the historic landmarks, the quaint shopping spots. The only thing I miss is the people.


  1. Just call me 'A'January 12, 2009 at 2:38 PM

    ..and so true. it's always the people we miss....it's the people who make the memories special.
    BTW: do you know of any local recipes from your days in ghana. do share. would love to try them. you can email me at colormesunshine@gmail.com

  2. "A" - so correct!!!!! The people!!-- ahh recipes- I'll send you along one for jollof rice- which I love. I wish I could send you other ones, but I fear I never mastered cooking Ghanaian food- I loved eating it though :)


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