Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009-USA-BIG NEWS!!!!!

Today started out like any other day. I looked at my calendar and it was full. I managed to squeeze in some time to spend with a dear friend of mine- that made my day brighter. Then I came home and checked the mail. I did not check my email; I checked the regular mail. The kind people have to put a stamp on and stick in a post box. There was a mysterious envelope amongst my letters. It was from my son, Sean and his wife, Neisha.

I tore open the envelope and out tumbled a little onesie with these words written on it:

Well, I may not be the sharpest tack around but I certainly know a clue when I'm staring at it!! I started screaming. My husband tried to calm me down.

"What are you screaming about?"

I shoved the onesie in his face and he said, "Don't jump to conclusions"

I just kept screaming and I grabbed the phone and called Sean and Neisha.

"You aren't joking right?? This isn't a joke, right?"


"I just opened your package."

Then they laughed. I grinned from ear to ear; I knew the laugh meant I was right. They told me I am going to be a grandma by the beginning of next year.

My day suddenly got a whole lot better.


  1. That is Fabulous news...congrats congrats grand're going to spoil your grandchild silly...i just know it. best wishes to Sean and Neisha too :)

  2. A- thanks for your congratulations!!! I'm still walking on clouds here.

  3. :) I cant stop grinning!! how strange m i! but this is great news!

    congratulations, grandma!!!! :)

  4. limenlemons- thanks so much for the congratulations. I haven't been able to stop grinning since I found out the great news :)

  5. wow.. thats a real cute way to pass news

  6. Heyyyy....thts just great news. Congratulations!!!!!!

    p.s: these nine months are going to crawl huh;-D!!!!!

  7. Reflections- oh yes- they are 'crawling' by. Hey are you back from India already??


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