Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm in love

 Reading Le Monde's blog the other day set    
my brain in motion. Her blog talked of a recent trip to Malaysia and I was thinking of how she probably had seen more things than I had ever seen- although I lived there for many years. 

I guess when we live somewhere, we tend to take it for granted. We think, "I'll see such and such a place another day...when I'm not busy..." 

Sometimes I'm so busy talking about where I have been...I forget to mention where I am. The great Northwest, specifically Western Washington. I've been so many places in this world, but I must say this place has captured my heart. 

What about this place captivates me? Is it the greenery, the ample opportunities for hiking, the mountains, the pacific ocean? Is it the people? Is it the great accomplishments of business ventures in this region? Is it, possibly, my roots, which I have recently discovered are solidly lodged in this region? I'm not sure what it is. I do know I love it here.


  1. Oh my, oh my, oh my !!

    You mentioned me ?

    Yes, I agree. It is the most common or probably the sole reason for taking the place where we live as granted.
    While others have limited time in our place, they try to get maximum out of it and the things we see daily does not strike us unless someone else mentions about it.

    Delhi is my city.. I have grown up there but now settled in Mumbai. Can you believe, this time when I went there, I felt .. oh God, there are so many places which I haven't seen at all !!
    And suddenly I was short of time, I wanted to see everything. :)
    It's like seeing one's mother everyday and not noticing how beautiful and caring she is unless someone else makes us realize. :)

    I am sure, you are reliving your Malaysian days thru my posts. :)

  2. I think its the mixture of everything. The people, the place the food the ambiance.

  3. Born and lived in India for most of my life, I did not see Tajmehal as I took it for granted. I can fully understand you.

    I've been till Redding, CA. In July, I plan to go further north to Seattle.

    Is that you in one picture?

  4. Droped here from Le- Monde....Nice blog. And good to c some Colorado pics, i had lived there for an year in 2004-5...Beautiful place...Trekking Pikes peak was a great experience.

  5. Blog Custom- this is a great place- and I'll be posting more pics during this month.

    Nisha-Loving the posts on Malaysia AND Thailand- AND All your posts :)

    Haddock- I believe you are right!! Just running over to your blog as I type :)

    A- If you come to Seattle you must stop by and say 'hi' :)- no, the picture is of my husband and his friend from South Africa, Cedric. Definitely come over for some Malaysian curry!!

    Ajeya-Thanks for dropping by- I just went and glanced at your 'memoir' blog- will read more later tonight when I have more time! Looks great so far.

  6. It's so easy to miss what's right under our noses isn't it?

    Btw, Seattle is my favorite city in the US. I love the colors of the natural background and the unique pace and feel of it. I'd love to explore more the that area one day.

  7. Anil- you are so right!! Often what is RIGHT there in front of us is neglected.

    If you ever come this way- you know you are always welcome- we always have visitors- and rooms available :)
    Also, thanks for this comment- it helped me come up with my post for today.


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