Saturday, November 29, 2008

A is for Apple, B is for Ball, C is for Cat, D is for Doll..Ghana 1997/ 1998- part 1

F is for FuFu...

Fufu is a staple food in West Africa. Most of the time it is made by boiling the yam or cassava root and the plantain and then pounding them using a mortar and a pestle. Often one person sits down moving the starchy substance around while someone else stands and pounds. As they do this vigorously, the fufu then forms into a glutinous ball.

This ball of Fufu is placed into some liquid that has been prepared. It is put in 'light soup' or in 'ground nut soup' or in Okra stew or fish soup-- how we love eating our fufu. To eat fufu- you must pinch off a small amount and make sure it is soaked with the 'soup'- 'gravy' - in Ghana you are NOT to chew the fufu but rather swallow it. It was quite an experience the first time I ate Fufu- when I was told I was not to CHEW the food--- I couldn't imagine HOW I would eat it-- for aren't we trained from young to chew food??? Well, with Fufu, that is part of the pleasure of eating it.


  1. Just call me 'A'December 7, 2008 at 3:38 AM

    that must have indeed been some experience. so did you get the taste of the fufu? if it is dip in gravy/soup and you do not chew it then don't you taste only the soup flavor and not the fufu? man, i want to eat this fufu now.

  2. Find a Ghanaian restaurant near you and try some fufu...or even if there is a Ghanaian store nearby you can buy the instant fufu- it is not as nice as the REAL one but anyhow it'll give you an idea. Yes the stew/gravy/soup is mostly what you taste-- and it is delicious. The fufu itself just serves as a very heavy item in your stomach to stop future hunger.

  3. Fufu huh.......curious.
    So many vegetables & fruits like this are staple to the region but the rest of the world are not aware of it at all. Curious isnt it!!

    And u havent collected the award I put up for u. Busy huh!!!!!

  4. Reflections- I will be picking it up soon- things have been so hectic here!

  5. so seriously...if you dont chew it, how does it work? all my training since childhood would be fighting against the "dont chew" statement :D

    and its early in the morning for me, work day just started but this post....made me sooo hungry!


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