Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Painter gone crazy- Ghana-1997

Ghana embraced me with open arms. "Akwaaba," she called out to me. "Welcome! Your life will never be the same again." There was a time when India had danced for me and wooed me with her spices and her colors. Now Ghana strutted in front of me, not wasting time to woo me but simply expecting me to follow.

Ghana pranced in front of me with her wonderful colors. The bright colors and sounds jump started my senses. I began to wonder which painter went crazy with his greens. Light greens and dark greens splashed wildly wherever I looked. How could I help but to be captivated?

I stepped out of the airport into a swarm of bodies. Sean, Katrina and Cassandra were in tow as we made our way through the human shields to get to the vehicles waiting for us. We were only able to see our new home the next morning. I had grown up with little geckos on the wall, but I was not used to fairly sized lizards prancing merrily along pathways and through patios. The children found these new friends intriguing. It was not long before I hardly noticed them as they zipped past my legs.

The bright colors and sounds of Ghana were not the only thing which would capture me. Each new day would offer new challenges...new adventures...new lessons.


  1. you make me very curious. what do you do.....all this travel in a single lifetime? all these places to experience?

    sigh. how?

  2. read it all interestedly. Beautiful Post.
    We too have a large gecko in my house. He's been around 5-6 yrs now. I dont mind him coz he is a thorough gentleman who keeps out of my way & get rid of all the cockroaches for me.

    hmmm....a germ of an idea for a new post:-D

  3. I too wondered like N how u managed to go to all these countries.....a missionary huh...now it all makes sense:-))

  4. Just call me 'A'November 29, 2008 at 3:18 AM

    wow...you make it so alive and vivid..it's like i'm there. i envy all the travelling you do :)

  5. A- loved your thanksgiving meal menu!! I must say you are an artiste of foods!!!!

  6. Just call me 'A'December 7, 2008 at 3:41 AM

    thanks Anjuli..i am passionate about food.


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