Monday, February 9, 2009

Ghana- 2001-rains

Torrential rain crashes down wiping away the dust, dirt and grime. I love the smell after the rain. I love how green the trees look. Of course there were times when there was too much rain. Floods are never fun; however, on the whole the rain simply washed away the muck.

Things I liked doing when it rained in Ghana....Stay inside and just watch it from the window...I wish I could have snuggled in bed with a good book- unfortunately this was not always possible :)....I tried to have a hot cup of tea and sip on it while working...listening to the rain....Is there anything more soothing? Sometimes, I liked to stand out on the verandah and feel the bits of rain which managed to sneak in through the chicks.

white sprawling porches
tropical rain pounding down
washing the dry ground
watery sunlight peeks through
sweet scent of rain lingering


  1. Bombay has its share of the 'life-stopping-crazy' rains. living there wasnt fun when that would happen but i have always loved it. even if it meant walking 4 hours from office to home since the city was flooded. u put it simple through ur words...'it washes away all the muck' matter what.

  2. Just call me 'A'February 12, 2009 at 12:33 AM

    i love watching the rain too. i love the raindrops on trees after it rains. i love having warm chai. i love the pitter patter esp on a tin roof :)

  3. My husband made a trip to S.Africa last december & there was a storm when he was there. He was was like nothing he had ever seen....nature at its destructive best:-o.
    In India Kerala has its share of thunderstorms...its quite frigtening...thunder so loud & lightening just zigzaggin into ur house thru vents...people have been known to die.

    I'm not the dancing in the rain types but whenever it rains[rain is rare here in dubai...maybe just once or twice a year] I send the kids out with an umbrella...they love it:-D

    Nice post!!!!!!!! Brought back a lot of memories...hence the long winded comment:-P.

  4. A- I loved what you had to say about the rains!! I so love the pitter patter (especially on the tin roofs)--

    reflections- loved the thoughts and the memories.

  5. I associate the rains with Goa. The home I lived in had an open courtyard, and it rains in Goa for four months, four full months, well almost.

  6. Anil- wow- four full months of rain!! thanks for the comment- and I absolutely love your blog "windy skies"

  7. long time. all ok i hope

  8. N-Just read your exciting update- Congratulations!!!!!!! So happy for you!!! Look forward to many more interesting updates.


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