Friday, March 6, 2009

Ghana 2001- shaved legs, sweet smells and other surprising things

Someone pointed out my absence of updating...I have been reluctant to update because I did not want to leave Ghana-2001 just yet. How does one compile an entire year into one or two posts? There is so much which took place in 2001, not just in Ghana but in the world. Looking back at old journal entries for 2001, I see a stadium collapse, beauty,birth, death, rains, joy, family time, 9/11, cancer, and so much more. Out of all the monumental entries, one simple one jumped up at me. It ties in with the last update I did....It says nothing, while at the same time it says everything.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2001

Just stepped out of the shower...had a delicious time with all those flavored shower gels and special smelling lotions.

What is the best feeling in the world? SHAVED
LEGS....they feel so smooth! love it! Wet hair...smelling of some kind of fruit....overwhelmed right now with various fragrances. There is the sweet smell of the 'after rain' drifting in from outside. Peeking out the window, I can see leftover rain dripping from drooping branches. Everything fresh....renewed. mmmmmm...good!

The garden looks
like I feel!

p.s. and for the other surprising things... a bit of morbid humor happened in 2001- my dear friend, Mr. O (69 years old)- was traveling from the Eastern Region via tro-tro (buslike contraption- which squeezes in more people than it should). The tro-tro met with a tragic accident just before reaching Accra. Dead bodies draped every conceiveable place.

Mr. O's body was hoisted onto a truck with the other bodies. On arriving at the Military 37th Hospital- white powder was sprinkled on each body. Due to the late hour, the morgue assistant simply left the bodies lying aimlessly about in the morgue and then he walked out. Several hours later, Mr. O woke up. Apparently he was not dead. After surveying his surroundings, he stood up and walked out the door. Two young watchmen were sitting outside the door when the naked, white powdered-sprinkled Mr. O emerged from the morgue. Needless to say, they shot up from their chairs and took off running. Mr. O didn't have time to explain to them he was not a ghost. :)...aaahhhh, yes, my memories of Ghana!


  1. are you kidding?!? that really happened? i know it was a fright for the watchmen but i also think it must have been a strange and scary situation for Mr O to be in!!

    btw, agree on the shaved legs bit :)

  2. Just call me 'A'March 9, 2009 at 1:47 PM

    ha ha are serious about this right. I can almost see the two men running. Mr. O is one hell of a lucky guy. But what a scare.

    Shaved legs, hands, etc, nice smelling lotions = feel good.

  3. N- this most definitely happened! Mr. O has such a funny way of telling it.

    A- yes, I am serious- and Mr. O is definitely a unique individual. Thankfully this didn't happen in Northern Ghana- or he would have been buried quite quickly and I think that would have been a predicament to try to get out of.

  4. LOL....yeah I know shdnt be laughing but I was just imagining the shock the guards got;-o.

    I bet Mr.O must have never ever got tired of relating this story to people;-D

  5. R- He did love telling the story!!!

  6. wow i am amazed that you remember everything so vividly!! i want ur life btw. :D

  7. roop, I wish I could say it is my memory :)...actually, I have to be thankful for the handwritten journals which I kept. The hard part has been selecting the right memories- alot of sad ones which can get morbid if shared too often :)


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