Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Helpful People- Ghana = January 2005

What I love the most about Ghana is the people. They are full of laughter. They don't mind sharing their thoughts on any subject from politics to daily life. They are helpful in times of trouble.

In January 2005, Kat, Cass and Carlin King wanted to go to Tills Beach and I just felt uneasy about them going. The road going out to Tills Beach was a bit dangerous and I wanted to be sure they would be safe. I opted to drive them myself. It was a pleasant enough drive out - around 1 and a half hours. Once I dropped them off; I turned the car around and headed back to Accra. The road leading from Tills to the main road is so deserted-- it really looks like "Africa"...just long elephant grass and trees in the distance and no body--not a soul-- if you saw a Giraffe or some wild animal it would look just normal in such a habitat (except it wouldn't look normal in Ghana! hah)

I was driving along enjoying myself mulling over things. The night before I kept being woken up with the words to a song that says "Look what you've done for me..Yahweh, Yahweh..look what you've done for me" and so that was sort of going on in my head. I cheerfully turned out onto the main highway leading back to Accra and I was on there for only about 5 or 6 minutes and left back tire blew out!! It was a major blow! I wasn't sure it was the tire I thought the whole engine had burst or exploded. The car careened on the road (the very road that Ps. Raymond and Ps. Felix had their major head on collision) I managed to pull to the side of the road and got out.

It was the tire. There was some men at the side of the road working so I motioned to them. They came over and I asked them to help me with the tire- they were more than happy to do it and it took less then 10 minutes. I was back in the car and on my way thinking how great God was to

1) not to allow it to happen on the long deserted road

2) to let there be willing gentlemen to help me to fix the tire so speedily

Those gentlemen did not have to stop what they were doing to help me- they were being kind. They exemplified the Ghanaian population. Whether it is to help with changing a tire, pulling a car out of a ditch, or rushing someone to the hospital they are always willing to help.


  1. Just call me 'A'May 15, 2009 at 4:44 PM

    when I started reading this, I thought something terrible will unfold. I read the dash (-) in the title as a minus and thought maybe this one time you encountered people that were not nice in Ghana in Jan 05. I gave a sigh of relieved when i reached the end. You are one woman full of adventures. what else do I say.

  2. Yes Connie...its the little things that strengthens our faith in the Almighty.

    I'll give u simple experience[tho not similar or anything] which happened last month.
    Once a week I carry the old newspapers down to the front of the apartment & leave it at a particular place where the recycling people will pick it from.
    The wind was blowing sharply & made the papers fly a bit. Though I was going away I went back to keep a stone on the paper when 1 more paper flew away & revealed a much treasured photgraph underneath[I still dont know how it reached there;-o].

    Till today I marvel what made me turn back, then go back to put the papers back in order:-o

    Its a very small incident but I saw the hand of God there:-)).

  3. At times, it is the warmth of the people that makes living tolerable.

  4. A- people are really wonderful aren't they? I mean despite the rascals :)

    R- that is amazing about the photograph- like what if you hadn't gone back??
    I finally figured out what I was tagged for- I had not been able to be on lately so I didn't know.
    I've lost your mailing address, I wanted to send you a book which I think you will enjoy- send me a message with your P.O. Box and I'll get it in the mail ASAP.

    Anil P- yes you are truly correct!! People surprise us all the time- and they do make life all the more bearable.

  5. Connie, I'm deleting the above comment since u've already got the info. I'm sure u wont mind;-).

  6. R- no problem- I already mailed the package. I hope you get it soon :) Let me know when it arrives.


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