Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Motherhood 2009

Reflections tagged me to post five things I love about being a Mom.

1. I love watching the children find out who they are

It has been such a delight to see each child grow into who they are meant to be. To be able to be a part of that experience is priceless.

2. I enjoy having this compulsory relationship :)

Whether they like it or not- I'm their mom- and what thrills me the most is they say they like it!! But it is nice to know that no matter what 'they are stuck with me' - hee hee!

3. I love doing 'fun' stuff together

In the past, it was 'unbirthday' parties-- oh how I loved those- and I do miss them. Impromptu 'fun' tea parties, picnics, or dinners- celebrating all of us. Now I enjoy the games we play when they come and visit- the long talks- and still...the picnics!

4. I love how Motherhood has changed me

Motherhood has a way of grinding the rough edges off a person. When you are just too tired to take another step- you have to anyways coz this little person is looking to you for help. When you want the last piece of pie...you find yourself giving it to your little one coz afterall they need it more than you do.

5. I love being a mom because it has made me realize I have a capacity to love so many more people and children

Being a mom stretched me- it caused me to understand my love was not limited- it would not run out- there was enough not only for my own family but also for so many others.


  1. Beautiful reflections of motherhood

  2. :) some of the reasons i cant wait to have some of my own!

  3. Beautiful Anjuli but then u always write sensitively:-).
    Identified myself most with the 4th point;-P

  4. what is 'unbirthday' party?

    i hope to experince all these wonderful things some day. i desperately need sharp edge smoothen :)

  5. "A"- an unbirthday is from Lewis Carroll's book-- " There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... "

    I used to celebrate surprise 'unbirthday' parties with my children when they would least expect it- I miss those :)

  6. i loved this post..
    as cool as your travel posts. how long were /are you in Ghana? nice tales :-)

  7. Sneha- I was in Ghana for 10 years- have been gone for 2 years- my husband travels back twice a year- we are always having visitors from Ghana also- so we keep up with everyone. Facebook helps alot :) I love your blog, by the way!!


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