Thursday, June 18, 2009

2005 Ghana- The Whirlwind year

Whirlwinds constantly blew through our lives, but I think 2005 was an especially windy year. We started off with a new baby coming to live with us. It changed our lives. He was so precious. Someone discarded him like trash at the side of the road and thankfully he was found before the dogs devoured him. He needed a temporary place to live and it all worked out for him to come and stay with us. Malnutrition hampered his natural growth. Regular meals and proper sleeping times brought about such a change in his development.

Aside from the baby's entry into our lives, we battled a serious case of pneumonia with Cassandra. She almost lost her life. Daniel battled malaria before, but that year he got one of the worse cases he had ever had. Both of them recovered and life went on. We had our share of snakes sneaking into our yard from the overgrowth behind our house.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the two girls left Ghana to reside in the US. Little "Prince John" left us to go and stay in a children's home. We so wanted to adopt him but there were legal restrictions which were insurmountable. He took a bit of our heart with him when he left.

The winds of change blew us into a new house. I think the change was good. As with all life's storms, when the wind and rains died down the fresh smell of new beginnings filtered through.


  1. you guys have a heart of gold. everytime i read about your life i feel you've touched so many people in so many different ways and made their lives a little more better.

  2. hah- I'm not so sure about the 'heart of gold' thing - ha ha!! I think that is the problem with blogs- they only reveal itty bitty parts of ourselves-- thankfully so- ha ha!!

  3. i think u have a heart of steel or iron!!! lol! u seem so strong - about reaching out to others, taking care of ur kids.... how did u in one lifetime manage such a full life!

  4. limenlemons- haha- I think you have the heart of iron right :) I can only say I could never do it in my own strength- every day I'm reminded that I could do nothing without God!

  5. Whatever I wanted to say was said more eloquently by both A & N.

    And I am also nodding to ur "I can only say I could never do it in my own strength- every day I'm reminded that I could do nothing without God!"

    Connie I received the package. Thank U:-))!!!!!
    Can I have ur email id????

  6. Noted it down...will mail U now:-).

  7. ha ha ha...with all those things you must have a small shining piece in the iron/steel heart ;)

    and AHA!! now I know your name...Connie, and I have your email ID :)

  8. You've made me smile a big smile "A"-- alas, yes my name is simply "Connie" and not the exotic "Anjuli" from "The Far Pavilions" :) and you are always welcome to write me at my email ID anytime. In the meantime, thank you for alerting me to my plastering everything for all to see- now I'll promptly remove the information :)

  9. what happened to the little one you adopted? you guys have a great mindset I would say! just lets me want to jump into your shoes and live a part of your life

  10. Sneha- Little John went to a wonderful children's home called Kinderparadise. If you google it- Kinderparadise in Ghana- you can see it online- it will most probably be in German but you can click 'translate' and see everything in English.

    John is now almost 5 years old!!


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