Friday, October 16, 2009

Kota Kinabalu- 2009- Truth stranger than fiction

In my life, I find truth to be stranger than fiction. Often I hesitate to even tell people the things I've gone through or go through because eyebrows curve up with the slightest hesitation. The curve asks the silent question, "Could this be real?" When I see the curving of the eyebrow, the furrowing of the brow, bewildered faces, all I can do is laugh. I laugh at life and how incredible it can be.

This weekend my mom called me from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (East Malaysia). My parents have been living there for the past 3 years. They travel extensively; however, KK has become their home base for now. My parents have lived in Singapore and Malaysia for 54 that time they watched the birthing of both those nations....they also have been involved with people. All sorts of people! I grew up with interesting housemates :)...let's just say, when the mental hospital couldn't handle a patient, often the patient would end up living with us! Enough said! (now you know why very little shocks me)

One day I might tell some of the funny stories of growing up in our home. But for today, I am just sitting here totally amazed that my parents have managed to find themselves back in the midst of helping someone in a bizarre situation. They were asked to help a woman who had found herself in a strange situation.

The story starts with a man who thought he was some kind of prophet or 'man of god'- he apparently convinced some others he was a prophet. There were three women followers, in particular, who gave up everything for him. In fact, their families knew this must be a cult. No matter how the families tried they could not get these women to come home. Then the leader 'disappears' or at least he doesn't appear. This didn't set off any red flags because he was known to spend time meditating and being 'holy.' It should have made people sit up and think, "where is the guy"...but it didn't...13 months went by and then the police finally broke into the house where those women were. What did they find?

They found the man- dead. He had been dead for 13 months. He had told his followers he would be resurrected from the dead. The women wrapped him up and waited...they waited 13 months...until the police finally confiscated the body and sent them to the psychiatric hospital.

So, where do my parents come in on this story? You guessed it; the woman was released from the hospital and my mom is supposed to help her. My mom told me one policeman was overheard saying to the women, "Your God only took 3 days to raise from the dead...why were you still waiting for this man?"

A link to the news story


  1. like the women having some sort of faith in that "holy" man your parents seem to have tremendous faith in the human spirit and its 'goodness' :) its pretty cool to see people reaching out to others in this way ..... doesnt it increase your faith in our world, in our society? i think this particular post of yours did that for me.

  2. Believe me, just knowing my parents has always made me look more kindly on society. I know they must not be the only people with such big hearts and it has really encouraged me to stretch my heart a bit at times when I really didn't feel like it.

  3. Oh my goodness what a story;-o!!!

    I still remember an incident[around 20yrs ago] when a middle aged man knocked on our door at arond 8pm & asked to spend the night in our house as he had lost his way & cd not find the house he was looking for, in the dark.
    My father refused to invite him in but none of us really slept tht night. My father was like "Much as I wd have liked to I cdnt take the risk". We understood but it didnt make us feel any less bad:-(.

    Ur parents sound so special. Trust in Humanity is a very rare characterstic nowdays.

  4. Reflections- you know what- my dad probably wouldn't have let him in either. Its always such a hard balance to keep==


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