Thursday, October 8, 2009

USA- speeding train

Everyone keeps saying, "Life is moving so fast." Life has felt like a speeding train or some kind of carnival rollercoaster for so many years. Has it always been like this? Is it like this for everyone else?

Children don't seem to think life moves fast enough. "Are we there yet?" "Why is it taking so long?" "When will my birthday come
?" The days plod along slowly. They tease the child with promises of what will be.

When does life get on the fast track? I'm trying to remember when I started feeling like life was moving too fast. My daughters are already telling me, "Mom, I wish life would slow down, I have no time to do...this...that..." I told them the other day, "MAKE TIME" - don't allow life to push you along- you take control of life.

I'm just rambling- just thinking- what makes
life go so fast. When I talk to the old ladies at the nursing home, they tell me life barely crawls. So maybe it is all our activity which makes life speed up. The busy schedules, the work, the appointments, and the needless running around.

The more I think about it, I think University i
s one of the first stops on the bullet train line. ..."All aboard...the LIFE train is ready to leave the station..." My Cassandra - the face of Northwest University- I wonder how many people her picture will entice to get on the fast track.


  1. she definitely looks like a very smart kid :) i think lots of young kids might make it to the university coz of her picture.

    i love the part where u talked about taking control of your life and not letting it dictate to u. so true. whether ur days are empty or hectic with activity.....its when you reign in control that life is worth living. i realised that when i wasted 2 months after quitting my job. i waited for life to happen to me when it hit me that that time wasted was my loss forever.

  2. Limenlemons- you are so right!! (about the taking control)- I've realized it alot more recently as I'm listening to people with various problems. Alot of times they allow emotions, time, decisions, past, habits, mistakes, jobs, money control them- it does not have to be.
    What a great realization you had!! p.s. when is the 'big' day? I'm very excited for you.

  3. Keeping one's self busy is important but not so busy that there is no time to enjoy a sunset or a walk in the park with the family.

    Ur daughter looks so good.....the boys must be queueing to get admissions;-D

  4. Reflections- You are right- there needs to be a balance in all the busy-ness :)


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