Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Kuching- 1983

December 25th, 1983....the christmas I spent in Kuching, Sarawak. How do I describe this lovely place? Well, I probably shouldn't try because what I would be describing is the Kuching in 1983 not the Kuching today. 

In 1983 a slow paced life and big hearted people made up much of the wonderful city. No one was ever too busy to stop and chat. The chatting sometimes opened up interesting opportunities.

One such opportunity took place the day before Christmas. I hopped on a bus to go shopping at the down town market. In the midst of my shopping, I noticed a young man who looked disheveled. Maybe it was his ultra blonde hair which made him stick out like a sore thumb. He seemed upset and my nosey nature got the better of me. I went up to him and asked him if there was a problem.

It has been 26 years and I cannot remember exactly why he found himself in a destitute situation. He was unable to find a place to stay and I do believe there was a lack of finances. All I knew was he could not be alone on Christmas. The solution seemed simple: he must come home with us for Christmas. 

He was very relieved to be able to clean up and rest. On Christmas we cooked a lovely meal and he seemed so happy to be a part of the celebration. So far from home and yet he was not alone. I thought, "This is what Christmas is all about"... he stayed long enough to get back on his feet and then we all bid him a fond farewell. I wonder if he still remembers that Christmas so long ago in Kuching, Sarawak when he shared the season with complete strangers.

                          picture after our dinner

<----Our guest helping us cook for the festive meal!


  1. Hi Anjuli,
    I know I took time to come here. That's because I was travelling plus busy.

    You were so kind hearted to invite that guest in your house. It must have been a memorable Christmas, the way your photos suggest.

  2. where were you traveling to? I must run over to your blog to see the new updates. I 'm not sure why sometimes the updates show up and other times they don't.

  3. I've not even heard of this place!! do you remember my suggestion of the book....write pleaseeeeee are an amazing woman for taking in a complete stranger into your home. I would have been wary....but then maybe times were more safer and simpler then.

    You have a big heart and a warm welcoming home.

  4. Sarawak.....havent ever heard of it but Kuching sounds familiar.

    I'm no longer surprised at ur actions.....u r lovely person in & out:-).

    Ur christmas memories reminds me of my mum when she wd get up really early on the day & start filling the paper covers[which she wd have made the previous day coz there were no plastic covers then] with all the various sweets & savouries she wd have made.
    Then I wd be made to stand at the door to warn her when the newspaper boy, milkman, postman etc arrived[coz if I didnt stand there they wd just place the items & go away]. There wd also be a tiny envelope in their packets with some money in it:-).

  5. A- I know you want to be cured of your insomnia- but please a book by me will put you forever asleep- ha ha!!

    Reflections- how I loved your story of your mother- what a delightful memory- it has made me want to meet her all the more (I have wanted to meet her ever since your story of your marriage)


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