Monday, December 28, 2009

Endings and Beginnings (copy post from my other blog)

The year is coming to a close.....but that means a new year is starting. So many changes to experience ahead.

 This morning I put my youngest daughter on a plane. Her boyfriend's parents live in North Carolina and they asked if she could come and spend ten days with them. She called me from Chicago....and then she called me when she arrived in North Carolina....she sent me a text picture of the room she is staying in. I told her I missed her....she texted me back to say she missed me. I feel my baby slipping away into a young woman. This is as it should be.

My elder daughter graduates from University in May. Then I have a summer left to spend with her before she takes off to New Zealand. Another change....another separation to swallow and keep going forward despite the distance. You'd think I've gotten used to living so far away from every member of my family- but each new family member who has to move away- it hurts all over again. I feel my baby shifting away into a her own woman. This is as it should be.

My eldest son and his wife are expecting their first child in March. How much more of a new beginning can you get than bringing a child into this world. A brand new baby with new hopes and dreams and potentials. My son and daughter in law will make magnificent parents. I already see the way they are preparing themselves for their baby's arrival. I feel my baby sliding into new parenthood. This is as it should be.

When this year ends, there will be many things which never will be the same....but that is okay....because there are new things ahead. I may not have my little babies anymore-- but I do know I enjoyed every last moment with them when they were younger....I enjoyed the bedtime stories we read....the 'un birthday' parties we had...the impromptu picnics...the unique bonfires....the travels....the laughter....even the arguing....and now I will enjoy the new grandbaby, the new son in laws, the lives they share with me via phone, email or over a cup of tea...I will enjoy every last moment of these new beginnings. This is as it should be!!


  1. You are very sweet.
    I can understand your feelings extremely well. This is called life. The sooner we accept it, the better we live it.

  2. Cheers to new things, new possibilities and family and friends :)

  3. empty nest - the law of nature. we strengthened their wings. they cannot but fly away.

  4. My eyes stung while reading this....u've expressed it so beautifully:-).

  5. kochuthresiamma- yes the empty nest...I loved your take on it...the strengthening of their wings so they can fly away. Did you see the award I gave you?

    Reflections- your time will come ALL too soon- enjoy them while they are at each and every stage of their lives.

  6. wow.. this is so touching. esp, the way you put in the last line for every one of your children. I am guessing you dropped a tear as you wrote this post.


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