Saturday, January 16, 2010

excerpt from letter dated Jan 15 2010

....We Love and miss you guys. On the 25th (of January) morning I head off to the Jungle with Ps Eric and othes, someone is flying in from Sprignfield, we will be going to a village  Probably leave about  4 am drive to a remote town Pensiangang (to get there we have to drive across thre rivers (about 2 feet plus deep, from there we walk (climb) over a mountain--they said quite high ((when they say it is quite high- you can believe it is high--the villagers say it is about a 6 hour going through the jungle, then stay in a little village overnight and another  4 to 6 hours to reach this new village of Kaubu (over near the border to Indonesia (Kalimantan)  then small boat down river to (across the Indonesian border) to a small viallge, hold a day of two meetings there, then in the boat again to go up to village of Silinatang  (Kampong Silinatang)  for a night meetings and then in a larger boat (4 to 6 people) to Pensianggang to ge our cars and then again across the rivers and home....

The above is an excerpt of a letter written not by some young person- or middle aged person- it was written by my father who will be 80 years old this year. 
(first pic) my dad and a Finnish girl (she and her husband requested to live a month with my parents just to follow them around in whatever they did and wherever they went). (second pic) my dad in one of the interior villages.



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  2. Hey Anjuli,
    I came to your site through Nisha's.
    My god...your dad sure has a lot of energy.

  3. Vamsee-

    Thank you so much for stopping by! I've just glanced at your blog and am dying to jump into it to explore more!!!

  4. hats off to your dad. he's a tough cookie :). god bless and touch wood

  5. A- He is indeed a tough cookie!


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