Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things about me....

  • Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true..

  • Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do).
  • Link back to the blogger who tagged you.

 Just call me "A" graciously tagged me- so now I'm sitting here scratching my head thinking about ten things about me that you may or may not know...but are true...First, I've linked back to the blogger who tagged me....later I'll choose the 10 people I'm going to tag. Okay, I guess that just brings us to the 10 things...

  1. My husband and I first met in New Delhi. 
  2. If I am not driving, I prefer sitting in the back seat. I like having the front seats blocking my view of the road :)
  3. I have never changed my name after getting married- not because I didn't want to change it, but simply because I was married in Singapore where it is not necessary to change your name--- and then I traveled so much I never got around to changing it...and now 23 years just seems too much of a hassle to do it. 
  4. My wedding ring was made from the grandmother's wedding diamond (which she left me)- and some gold, which someone else gave me (we melted the gold and made it into a ring- placing my grandmother's diamond in it)
  5. It is difficult to think of 10 things about me
  6. I do not like watching a movie if I've read the book....never come away satisfied
  7. I once worked as an intern in the White House when Reagan was president. (actually my office was in the Old Executive Office Building...right next to the White House)
  8. I also worked as an intern in Senator Jepsen's office- one night I was working late and the cleaning lady was cleaning Senator Ted Kennedy's office and my friend and I asked her if we could go in- she allowed us to- and we spent a great deal of time looking at all his family pictures on the wall- there were ALOT of them!
  9. Multitasking is one of my favorite things to do-- except, I can't have music or the tv as background noises if I'm trying to do things...unless I'm relaxing...(this makes for interesting situations, because I married a husband who has to have constant background noise no matter what)
  10.   I have been a long time penpal person- from the days of snail mail- I have kept up with most of my penpals for a minimum of 12 years and a maximum of 30 years- (those are penpals I have never met except on paper and through pictures)

Those I'm going to tag---

Katrina- she is my daughter, and a magnficent blogger

Cassandra- also my daughter- and has just started blogging 

Heather- She has a way with words which I'm always amazed at

Sneo- I love her blogs about her trips & her life in general

Nancy- Can't say enough about her blog- really enjoy every post

Life, Lime and Lemons- just got married- so I think I want to hear a bit about her life ...I'm sure I'll learn something new

Whitney- has a lovely way of putting her thoughts into poetic verse

Windy Skies- love his pictures and his journeys - would love to hear more about his life and what he likes and doesn't like

Shelley- my best friend who resides in Japan

Sarah- my dear friend who resides in Turkey


  1. Thanks Connie, now i have to scratch my head to find those 10 things. Oh, btw, you could also link each of your blogger friends. Would be nice to make a network :-)

  2. Sneo- do you mean I should make it so their names are linked to their pages? Okay- I'll do that

  3. It was nice learning about your family.

    Thank you for the Honest Scrap mention. I'll take this up once I clear my backlog of posts.

  4. thanks :-)
    your daughters have really taken after you in blogging

  5. New Delhi ? I am amazed... Please please enlighten us with a post on that.
    Even I haven't changed my name for similar reasons. :-)

    And no. 10 is so awesome. I wish I had done something like that.

    Wow ! I would like to see what your daughters write.

    And you did this tag soon, I'll have to do mine now. :(

  6. Anil- take your time- I so enjoyed your last blog about Albert Khan- have been doing so much research on him since I read it.

    Nisha- You make me smile.

  7. Congratulations on the award!!!!

    Everyone of those points said so much about u:-). I too share same feelings as u about #3 & 6 ;-D

    Thank U for awarding & tagging me. I've already done it around 3 posts back i thk. I'll accept the award ofcourse;-D.

  8. i love this..i love's such a breath of freshness from the 10 things tag I've seen around. I laughed at no.2. I'm like that too...but most of the time I'm forced to sit in front else the hubby will seem like a driver :D
    You worked at the white house!!! wow...that must have been some experience...but I'm sure nothing beats the experiences you've had in Ghana and other similar places.
    i used to have penpals too when I was very young...but somehow we just lost touch. I don't even remember her. the concept is lost nowadays I feel with all the technology age and emails and instant messaging etc.

    Connie, I am sooo sooo eager to meet you. more than ever. Make that trip to NJ/NY :)

  9. A- you have got to come and visit me here :) Well if you don't- then yes, I'll need to make it over to see you.


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