Friday, March 12, 2010

New Trip-Denver March 11 2010

On March 11 2010 I stepped onto a new pathway in my life's journey. I started down the path when I heard the words, "Mom, it is a girl!"

My son and his wife had their first baby, a little girl. She is a doll. Her name is Kailynn Josephine Ong. 

On this new path, I've taken on the role as 'grams' (grandmother)- I've never been a grandmother before....I have my ideas of what kind of grandmother I want to be and I don't want to be. They are just ideas. Now will be the testing of those ideas, and we will see what happens.

I'm open to ALL advice...words of wisdom...etc the meantime, I'm going to hold my beautiful little Kailynn as much as I can before I have to board the plane back to Seattle.


  1. Hearty congrats !! Enjoy your role to fullest.

    I'll look forward to you and will learn something when I have to play this role in future. :)

    Keep updating us.

  2. Ooooooooh I'm so excited for U:-D!!!


  3. Just enlarged the lil angel's picture.....she is sho shweet. Brings back memories of my kids sleeping cozily all tightly wrapped in flannel:-)

    God Bless ur Family Anjuli!!!!!

  4. It seems like I put comments on wrong post.

    Congratulations once again. Just be yourself, you cannot go wrong.

    Nice knowing you.


  5. Reflections- It is so wonderful having my granddaughter near me- but I leave day after tomorrow- I'll be so sad.

    A- Thanks for your congratulations.

  6. Congratulations!Now you are a grandmother. There are many responsibilities and formalities also. So Keep it up!
    Thanks, I will visit your blog again so keep posting.

  7. Love picture! your grand-daughter is really very cute.I know you must be feeling elated now as you've turned into a grandma for the very first time.Congratulations.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  8. Bob & e-commerce- do you have a blog- would love to see it. Thanks for the kind comments and congratulations you sent my way- it has been wonderful being a grandma- just wish the little baby was closer.

  9. Heartiest Congratulation! You are one of those lucky grandmothers who get the chance to hold their grandchildren in their hands. Enjoy your new responsibility to the fullest. She is too cute. Bye and thanks for sharing the picture.

  10. Rithun-Thank you for your heartiest of is wonderful having a grandchild. Unfortunately I live quite far away- and although got to enjoy a few days of holding her- I have to be satisfied with pictures the rest of the time.

    Do you have a blog? If so - I would love to come and view it. :)


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