Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rendang in Denver

Who knew I'd come all the way to Denver to eat the most delicious rendang. The plane touched down at little after 5 pm & my son and his wife whisked us from the airport..."To somewhere special"...boy they weren't exaggerating!

We walked into the simple restaurant; it was wedged somewhere inbetween a quiznos and I vaguely remember a Jamba Juice around. My husband- a true blue Malaysian- glanced at me like "are they serious??"...but once we started eating the food at Jaya Asian Grill there were no more looks, glances or anything of a kind. We were too busy enjoying the delicious food!

What a great start to our time here in Denver, Colorado. Now if my grandbaby would hurry up and make his/her appearance...well, I think my time here would be just perfect! 

*Thanks to  "just call me 'A'" for catching my incorrect name of the restaurant- it is JAYA and not RAYA as I had stated :)


  1. Has s/he arrived ? Wish you a great time and to parents of bundle of joy.... many sleepless nights ! :)

  2. Well Anjuli,are still enjoying?Great time you are passing.I hope you had a great holiday celebration with your family.
    Thanks, I will visit your blog again so keep posting.

  3. Nisha- yes, my granddaughter arrived!! Hope your backpacking is going well.

    Bob- thanks again for your comment- yes I'm really enjoying my stay here!! Still would love to be able to read your blog (if you have one)

  4. Congratulations. Nice blogs.

    Just be yourself, you cannot go wrong as Grand Ma.

    Nice to reach to yoru blog


  5. some how that first photo reminds me of Mackenna's Gold

  6. Haddock- the first picture is taken at Red Rocks, Colorado- which is just around the corner from where I am.

    Arealblogger- thanks for your kind support :) I saw this message also on the other post.

  7. where did my comment on this disappear?

    btw, I think it's called Jaya Asian grill..unless I'm mistaken.

    did check this out online and have asked FAB to head there for dinner :)...so as I write this he is trying out the place.

    what is that yummy looking dish called?

  8. "A" - oops- thanks for the correction- you are correct, it is "Jaya" and not "raya"- the dish in the pic is 'Rendang'-- oh sooo delicious. However their other dishes are equally lovely- the Kway Teoh is very nice (if you like noodles)- let me know what your hubby thinks.

  9. I hope you had a nice time in Denver. It is one of the finest tourist destinations I have ever heard of. The food looks to be tasty from its appearance only. I think you enjoyed the food in Jaya. Bye.

  10. Peter- Thank you for your kind comment. Yes Denver was amazing. The food was beyond delicious.

    Do you have a blog? If so- please direct me to it- as I would love to visit it.

  11. Anjuli,

    Thanks for the tip! It's always nice to discover somewhere new in Denver to eat... ;-)

  12. Ron- glad to help you discover a new place to eat in Denver. Tried to find your blog- but just came upon a dead end. Thank you for visiting.

  13. Ron- silly me- I realize my mistake- I had already been to your blog. http://blogsaladblog.com/ is a great blog- I look forward to visiting it more in the future.


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