Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blogathon comments

 Comments serve as a great form of communication. The blog writer and the blog readers are able to interact. On some blogs, I almost enjoy reading the comments more than the actual, not really, but the comments are very interesting.

Unfortunately, my own comments on other blogs can appear rather plain and robotic. This may have something to do with the fact, I'm trying to keep up with way too many blogs and always have this compulsion to leave a comment, no matter what!

It was with great interest that I went back through the blogathon comments. From May 1st to May 31st, the post which had the most comments was "Ointment for an Aching Soul" - there were 21 comments with this post. (of course, some of those comments were my answers to people's comments)...a close second, was "Chinese Tea Ceremony"-there were 20 comments on this post.

I decided to go through all the comments and see who the top three people were who commented during the blogathon.

The three top comment givers were:

A with 23 comments

Nisha with 20 comments

Joan with 11 comments

It was surprising to note how many other people made comments... regularly made comments. I want to thank EVERYONE for their consistency and enjoyable comments.

As for the above three mentioned- if you email me your physical address, I will send you a book. My email is 

Thanks to all who read and commented during the blogathon!! 


  1. Yayy !!!

    I admire your gesture to appreciate commenters on your blog. Commenting is great way to communicate, get to know each other & share info. I always encourage it.

    But I believe one should comment only if s/he adds value to the post like you do always. Your comments have always encouraged me to write more. You may not believe, sometimes I wonder what would be your comment even before publishing my post ! :-) Thanks.
    Guess what, I have been thinking of writing a post on types of commenters since quite sometime. :-)

    And of course, I do not comment on each & every blog I read (there are 200+) travel & non-travel. But I do read them thru reader.

    Thanks for your generosity for awarding us a book. I am honoured. Ok, so USA, Japan & India are the destinations.

    Will send you my address thru mail. :)
    Thanks once again, Anjuli.

  2. What an interesting review! It takes a lot of time to comment on other people's blogs. I don't do it all the time. Sometimes, I have nothing to add. Other times, I just want to enjoy reading the posts. But I do think the comments can add much value to a post, provided they continue the dialogue in some fashion. I agree that they are sometimes more fun to read than the post itself.

  3. Anjuli,

    Thanks. I only comment if I like the blog. A blogger makes an effort to create a story, compile information, gather pictures, format the text and finally post it. The only incentive for the blogger is readership and appreciation so that he/she continues to be motivated to write. Though most bloggers write because it is their hobby, acknowledgment of good work provides an incentive.

    So whenever I like a blog, I comment. If I have a different opinion, I put that in comments and some of those comments are not published. Sometimes I just add on to the post.

    Thanks for the book. I will email you the address. I love books.

  4. During the Blogathon, I found it really challenging to read all the posts for 100+ bloggers. I agree. Comments make the world go round! Thanks for visiting my blog so often. That's so nice of you to reward your top commenters with a book ...

  5. it's a tribute to you that you are recognizing those who comment most consistently. comments are our means of feedback. the comments themselves are interesting too. some comment on the writing, some on the ideas in the post. i guess it depends on the post, and commenter:)

  6. Good to see someone acknowledging the commenter.I also like the fact that you actually comment back on each comments.Unfortunately the posts that you have mentioned over here were not read by me.Now after going through this post..with renewed interest i will read those two popular blogs.

  7. I love this post and love all the comments you leave on my blog. I don't find them "robotic" in the least--in fact, they often get me thinking about a deeper question or some other aspect of my post that I hadn't even thought of before.

  8. Nisha,A, Alexandra, Bike Lady, Ed,Joy and Logo- Thank you for all comments given- forgive the late response- life went into warp speed and I'm holding on tightly :)...the blog is in holding pattern but it will not be neglected for too much longer.

  9. I finally got round to finding you on here and this seems an appropriate entry to leave a comment.

    As you know WDC comments and bloggers have dropped dramatically, but I am always pleased when you drop by and leave a few words of wisdom or kindness.

    I miss reading and writing a lot of blogs but I do get more knitting done!

  10. Rightly said. Often comments make for more interesting reading. Other times they're an excellent extension of the post.

  11. Scarlett- shall I call you DETECTIVE Scarlett :)...I am totally amazed how you found me- glad you did- but still amazed!! One of the main reasons I still go back into WDC is to read YOUR blog :)

    Nish- thanks, I was deciding between this dark brown and a sort of beige/tan- but I opted for this one because of the world map outliney thing at the top

    Anil P.- yes, you are correct, they are often more interesting...hah...I often have a good laugh when I read the comments.

  12. I guess it's comments that make the blogging world go round and round.

    You have a wonderful blog.


  13. A- thank you!

    Melissa- thank you very much.

  14. Anjuli u r the sweetest really....what a lovely gesture!!!!
    I'm so indignant u refer to ur comments tht way; ur comments are the most uplifting ones...they put a smile on my face instantly. Thank U!!!

    p.s: If I had known u were embarking on a blogathon I'm very sure I'd have stood first;-(.

  15. It is always very interesting to go through old books, letters and obviously blog posts. Each time you go through them you will discover new things in it. Above all you will remember us in the due coarse of time again. Thanks. Bye.

  16. Hai, Anjuli
    You had changed your blog format, nice background color.I also agree with you, comments very helpful to communicate with each other.After a short time I'm visiting your blog,interesting post. Have a nice weekend,enjoy and keep blogging. Bye

    My recent post:


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