Friday, June 4, 2010

Toronto, Canada May 2010

Toronto, Canada....big city, hustle and bustle...brick houses- tall buildings- A population made up of the United Nations.

The CN tower, a landmark, stands at 553 metres high. I kept wondering what the "CN" stood for; it stands for "Canadian National" tower. 

The view from the sky pod is incredible. The city spread out with streets snaking around both tall and short buildings. What came to my mind as I looked down at the vast expanse of concrete? I missed the emerald green of Western Washington.

It was great getting to see Toronto's China town. More green, smaller shops, and crowds of people speaking various dialects of Chinese. 

Toronto, a multifaceted city, worth the visit!


  1. i have heard nothing but good things about toronto, except for the basketball team:)

  2. Toronto looks like any other concrete jungle we have around this globe. Big cities, even bigger expanse of concrete. Have you seen Paris from Eiffel tower? It's the biggest I've seen till now.

  3. I have been to Toronto several times but never got a chance to see it. It looks beautiful from the window of the plane though.

  4. Ed- yes Toronto is a very 'great' city

    Nisha- you are correct about the concrete jungle- I have seen Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower. I have become accustomed to the green of Washington State

    A- next time stop in Toronto and enjoy the various facets of the city.

  5. The CN Tower is located at the heart of the city. It would be embarrassing to search out lush greenery in one of the most densely populated city. China Town is a prime attraction for any cities around the world. So enjoy your blogging and keep on posting. Bye.

  6. It's definitely a nice place,it is the largest city in Canada. Before Burj Khalifa the CN tower was the world largest tower. The China town is also very popular place in Toronto.Nice pictures.Have a nice weekend, kep posting.


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