Monday, April 4, 2011

My Beloved

Daniel and Baby John
Today is my darling husband's birthday! Where have the years gone? I blinked and whoosh 24 years have flown by! Wow- I've known this man for a little over 24 years....and what a man he is!!! 

It sounds a bit corny....cheesy...but I have to admit that I love him now more than the day I married him. The love has matured into a very rich which enjoys the thrills of romance and yet has the foundation of commitment. So, why do I love him so much? 

I could glibly say, "what's not to love?"...but no, that would be too easy an answer. 

Why do I love my beloved husband? He is a man of integrity. He is a man of honor and dignity. He makes me laugh like no other person in the world can make me laugh. He is a man of responsibility. He is the bravest and wisest man I know. He is kind, merciful and thoughtful. He is amazingly stubborn....okay, wait, I was listing the 'why I love him' list...hah...his stubbornness frustrates me at times, but I do love him for it when it works to our benefit.

He is utterly open and transparent...what you see is what you get...After all these years of marriage, I still enjoy spending hours talking to him. He is my very best friend and he is my lover. I guess I should have just said, "what's not to love?!" for truly that pretty much sums it up.

Happy Birthday my beloved....I pray we spend many more of your birthdays together.


  1. :) Thanks Becky!! You gotta admit- he is a 'keeper' :)

  2. connie,i am touched beyond words to read of the confessions of your love to your husband, daniel! ♥

  3. Dollice- you know he is easy to love!! :)

  4. Dear Connie, I am sure you are also very very precious in his eyes - so blessed to hear such a testimony of what marriage can be in Christ!!

  5. Wow,that is so nice that after that many years you are still in love and the love is stronger. I love you both are special in our lives.

  6. @ Trix - He is a wonderful guy- and yes he lets me know he loves me very much also.

    @ Anonymous- wish I knew who you were :) I'm sure I love you too :)

    @ Param- you and Kevin and Annabella are such a blessing to us!!

  7. I just read it after Todd told me about your blog. Really, both of you are a good example for me and Todd :). Love you!

  8. We love you and Todd- both of you are going to be an example to many others. As you both put HIM first - all else will fall into place - we love you!


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