Monday, August 22, 2011

Sneak Peek

My elder daughter is married- here is a sneak peek- more pics to follow. After the weeks of planning- whirlwind preparations- it was over in a blink of an eye. She did an amazing job with her decorations and planning! 
As I said- more pics to follow- now I'll take a deep breath before I have to dive into preparations for my youngest daughter's wedding in October! 


  1. Wow! Congratulations!
    I can understand what all preparation you must gone through, however the next one would definitely be a breeze, for now you are already experienced.Waiting to see the wedding pictures.
    BTW, where do you live?

  2. Anjuli,

    Congratulations :)))) It is a lot of efforts. Look forward to see more pictures.

  3. She is beautiful! Relax and enjoy yourself and hope the next wedding goes smoothly. October is a beautiful month to be married in :)

  4. @ Rama, A, Ajeya- thank you for the kind words of congratulations!!!

    @ Christine- thank you also- and I'm praying for Emma. I tried and tried to comment on your page but for some reason it says I don't have access to comment. Please know that I'm reading you- and would comment if I could!! :)

  5. @ Rama- ooops- I was typing so fast I forgot to answer you...I live in Washington State- the Great North West :)

  6. My goodness, you have been so busy! I've been reading a few of your past posts and your plate has certainly been full...hope all is well with your husband now. Congratulations on so many wonderful family events!

  7. @ Joanne- yes all is well with hubby- things have slowed down for a bit, am catching a breath before heading into the prep for the next wedding


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