Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bridal showers, Babies and Birthdays

The past few weeks have been full of all the usual activity and then some extras. My eldest daughter had a bridal shower a few weeks ago and it was really amazing. I think what was so amazing was two young ladies- 13 years old and 11 years old, did alot to make the day a special day. 

One of our dear church members- Belinda- created a spectacular cake. It was in the form of a wedding dress!! She is absolutely amazing with her cake creations (and her other food) as can be seen on her blog- belzyskitchen.

Right after the bridal shower, my son and his wife and daughter arrived. My granddaughter has stolen my heart!! It has been wonderful having her around. I just wish they lived close by and I could see her more. (they live in another state) While they have been here, we discovered my granddaughter is going to be a big sister :)....YES!!! Another grandbaby on the way- great news!

 In the midst of celebrations and family coming and other activity- I had a birthday. It was one of those "significant" ones :) I'll talk more about that later....but I must say my family and friends out did themselves on this one. I'm not a 'birthday' type person- inotherwords, I'd rather my birthdays came and went with out much ado -- but they did not allow this to happen- and actually all they did was much appreciated.

At our weekly Ladies Bible study- they surprised me with a cake and gifts- oh my- the cake looked like a tea pot because that is my absolute favorite thing....tea...tea cups...tea pots...drinking tea. Of course, it was Belinda who made the cake. As I said, she is absolutely amazing with her cake designs. The cake tasted so good. 

TOn my birthday itself, my family tricked me. The girls said they were taking me out for this time I thought I was all birthdayed out. I tried to get out of going for coffee- "why not we just hang out with the boys" I asked. They would not hear of it. So we jumbled into my daughter's car and drove away. "But before we go for coffee we need to stop off at Param's house" they told me. This seemed to be a reasonable thing to do because there was something I had to pick up from her house. Oh the rascals, they had planned a surprise birthday brunch! Brunch is my favorite meal...and Param outdid herself with the decor and the menu! My family were tickled pink that they had pulled one over on me...and of course, I was in tears! (happy tears)


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Anjuli.Surprise parties are always fun.........:))))))

  2. Oh boy ! Those are quite a few.

    And many happy returns of the day, Anjuli. How I wish, I was there to see you crying ;)
    (happily though).

    The cakes looks so beautiful, I am heading to Belinda's blog now.

  3. A- :) I will be visiting your blog tonight I finally have time to breathe a bit-- at least for a few days :)

    Nisha- Will be catching up on your blog- the wedding is over and I'll post some pics- one for a sneak peek and the rest will follow :)

  4. You're right. Those cakes look amazing. I wouldn't want to eat them and mess them up. Glad you had a great birthday surprise.

  5. WOW, thats a nice series of wedding posts. I wish I was there too. Congratulate your daughter on my behalf.
    Btw, I might just be on the east coast in Oct. No dates yet, but we are hoping it is before end of year

  6. @ Sneo- wish you had been here too- I think you'd have really enjoyed it. On the east coast???!!! But that is sooo far away from me :)....I really hoped you'd be coming to the West Coast.

  7. Awwwww......just loved the post Anjuli!!!!!!

    The cake is gorgeous....I wd have not wanted to cut it at all.......ur birthday was the best, good things happen to good people is what just came to mind while reading the post:-)).

  8. @ Reflections- It was lovely!!


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