Friday, November 11, 2011

Deja vu

Cassandra getting ready
guest sign in table
program pick up table
The actual definition of Déjà vu from the Merriam Webster Dictionary is -  the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time.  You may think you are experiencing déjà vu with this post; after all, didn’t you just see wedding photos from my daughter’s wedding two months ago? Well, let me assure you…these are brand new photos because this is my youngest daughter’s wedding.  

entry decorations
Family came from all over the world (literally)…friends flew in….houses were filled to the rafters with people, noise and general hurry and flurry. The day before the wedding it rained cats and dogs. The day of the wedding the sun shone cheerfully. Its smile promised us a pleasant day ahead and it sure didn’t disappoint us.

Daniel walking down the aisle
table center pieces
chair decorations
The location was again at the Clise Mansion in Redmond, but this time the ceremony was held inside. The halls were decorated with rustic, woodsy themes. Dried flowers filled mason jars and the wedding party held wheat bouquets and sported wheat boutonnieres. My mother, a traditionalist, could not get her head around these items by themselves, but she admitted (after the wedding) that somehow they all worked and looked beautiful.

Daniel charging the couple
gifts for the guests
The wedding was wonderfully comfortable. Guests wandered about signing the guest book or making video shots for the couple to see later. The ceremony went without a hitch; although I thought my husband was not going to make it through the vows (he was the one who officiated). The reception proved to be a relaxing event with people having a chance to catch up with each other. The bride and groom did not want the traditional wedding cake; they opted for pies and the guests were thrilled with their choice. The guests were each given a memento: for the females they received a sachet of a pancake mix made by Cassandra and for the males they left with coke and peanuts. The couple sped off on a scooter thus signaling the end of the event. Those left behind were exhausted and ready to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Kailynn asleep on Daniel's shoulder
Couple leaving the wedding on scooter
As far as emotions- can we say ‘roller coaster’?? Wow- my last born- the final child to be married- family members from hither and yon- friends I hadn’t seen for years (one friend for over 15 years)- sleep deprived- juggling a million things together-- jumble all this together and you have a recipe for hormones and emotional turmoil.  Ah, but I survived and I am proud of my dear sweet daughter and her new hubby.
So for all who wondered where I’ve been the past month- now you know!


  1. yes, now we know :)
    what a comeback! lovely!

    the riding away on scooter is right out of a 70's movie :)

  2. @ Sujatha- the entire event was really beautiful- I just wished I could have captured it better ... I am not a photographer and I thank all those who DID take pictures so I had some to put on this post.

  3. Wow. So that is what kept you busy. I am sure you are very happy. Though parents always worry about children, wedding is an important step to be less worried.

    Congratulations. :))))

    Beautiful pictures.

  4. @ A - thank you for your kind words of congratulations!! Yes- it is indeed an important step. Well I do hope this is the last of the 'events' to keep me so busy I can't blog for an ENTIRE month- I do hope to be more consistent- at least ONCE a week :)... we will see... want to see more pics on your blog- you are definitely the BETTER photographer ;)

  5. Thanks for this update and congratulations!

  6. @ Alexandra- so good to be 'back' in blogville once again...have been slowly making my way back through the blog posts which all of you have done- am finding each and every post wonderful as well as enlightening!
    Thanks for the congratulations on Cassandra's recent wedding- so that was 2 weddings in about 2 months- phew

  7. Thank you for guiding me here. I must remember to drop by more often. What a wonderful wedding day. May both your daughters be truly happy.

  8. @ Scarlett - so happy to see you here!!!! {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

  9. Nice post! Certainly Deja Vu for me!!

  10. Congratulations! ((hugs))
    What a beautiful wedding you pulled off :) Loved being part of it through the post and the pics.
    Wish your daugther the very best ahead.

  11. @ Rahul- thanks for the comment- I'm heading over to read your blog now

    @ limenlemons - thanks for the congratulations- where is your latest update- I haven't heard any thing from you in awhile.

  12. Oh wow u must have been soooo busy, honestly I feel experience doesnt count for anything when making arrangements for important events like weddings.

    Wishing ur daughter a great life ahead:-)!!!!

  13. @ Nancy- you always bring a smile to my face- especially when you know EXACTLY what you are talking about- your comment "...I feel experience doesn't count for anything when making arrangements for important events like weddings..." is so TRUE!!!!! Oh my!!!

    Thanks for your greetings and best wishes.

  14. Glad to have you back, and congratulations!

  15. @ Annette- thanks- glad to be back- and have been enjoying catching up on your blog posts!

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