Friday, December 30, 2011


I accidentally removed 50 comments from my blog...hello? What was I thinking? I wasn't (apparently)- I was actually doing something else and flipped over to the blog screen. There I saw this list and thought, "hmmm...I need to clean up this list...let's see, I'll just click this..." and no sooner had I done it, I realized the mistake. I was thinking it was just removing them from that page- not understanding it meant ALL the comments were removed from the actual blog. 

Can we all say, "technologically challenged??!!??" 

SO...if you notice your blog comment has been 'removed by administrator' or whatever it might say- just chalk it up to someone who has misplaced her head.... Hopefully by January 1st 2012, I'll have it nicely back on my shoulders and plan to dazzle everyone with secret places to visit in Western Washington....Featured Fridays....and .... etc etc


  1. It is okay even I have done such stupid things.Wish you a very Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Rama ..... You have a great new year and I look forward to the end of the story

  3. Oh sorry abt that. I did something similar with all my pictures in one of the blogs.

    Anjuli - I think you are refering to an old link to my blog. I have been updating since then. Here is the link -

  4. ouch! sad to lose it! i'd have 'mourned' for days!!! :D

    looking forward to your "dazzling" posts in the coming months :)

  5. @ Ajeya- thanks for giving me the link

    @ Sujatha - boy, how I felt like kicking myself!!


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