Friday, May 25, 2012

Feature Friday: Second Acts

Since this will be the last Friday for the Blogathon, it seems appropriate for various blogs to be featured.  One of the suggested posts for the blogathon was a look at each person's 'second act'....there were various people to took up the topic and covered it well.

Michelle Ratner, who is the reason we have a blogathon, gave us the story of her second act. She blogged her way to the reinvention of a second career. As she lays out her blogging journey, I got some ideas for my own blogging. 

When reading Jackie Dishner's blog about her second act, be sure to have be sitting down. She writes a powerful blog post about how she came to her second act. Don't miss this!

Barb Freda gets in shape for her second act. She ends by telling each of us, if we want to get into our second act- it is up to us. In later posts, she lets us know there is more than just a second act...there are unlimited acts we can be involved in.

Annette Gendler may not have written a specific post on second acts- but go check out her blog anyways! She has been doing a wonderfully colorful series on Shanghai. When you go through her post, you are transported to exotic places.

Joan Lambert Bailey is living her second act. Her blog features gardening, organic gardening, vegetables, flowers. She lives in Japan and often features various gardens, farmer's markets and vegetation in the area.

There are other blogs which I could feature along these lines- but let's not overwhelm you. I'll wait for another Feature Friday to showcase those blogs!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes a second act takes alot of power and determination

  2. Thank you for including me in your post, Connie. And for so many kind, kind words. I appreciate it.

    1. It was a pleasure to feature you- such a powerful story which would be an encouragement to so many!!


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