Monday, September 8, 2008


"The Bloggers Friends forever Award"

What a surprise I had seeing my nomination for this prestigious award. :) Reflections is the one who so kindly bestowed this honor on me...after she herself received TWO awards. She deserved both awards- and I think her blog deserves many more awards. Well, the thing is I must bestow this award on five other here goes...Here are the winners---

1. The Queen of the Mountain Tortoises

Karen is someone who blogs with a variety of different techniques. She is a straight shooter. (means she says what she means and means what she says). I have enjoyed getting to know her in her blog as well as in 'real time'-- I look forward of a lot more of both.

2. The Magic Carpet Ride

Sarah, originally from Zimbabwe, lives in Ismir, Turkey with her husband and a myriad of dogs. Her blog captures life in Turkey as well as highlighting life back in her homeland. I've enjoyed getting to know Sarah not only through her blog but through skype conversations. She is definitely someone I want to know forever!

3. Nada's Continuing Blog

When they say life is stranger than fiction, then 'they' were certainly referring to Sheila's life. She has lived and done it all. She has overcome great adversities. She has championed causes. She loves life and she lives it to the fullest. Her Saturday memoirs are both interesting and intriguing. A definite keeper for a blog friend.

4. Second Helpings

Linda comes from England- she and Sheila both do the Saturday memoir. Each showing what life was like '...way back when.' I've always admired Linda for her ability to juggle family, friends and work.

5. In His Name

This is one of my favorite it inspires me and causes me to meditate on the scripture of the day. I love the insights received and shared. I feel privileged to be allowed to share this journey through the blog.

Here are the rules for those who were nominated:

1. Put the BFF logo in their blog

2. Put a link to the person you received the award from

3. Nominate 5 other blogs

4. Put links to the blogs

5. Leave a message for your nominee

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  1. Congrats:-D!!!!!!!!!!! Ur description of each person whom u gave the award to is so nice.

    p.s - For somebody who keeps telling me she is technologically backward, u've put the post up so neatly.


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