Friday, September 26, 2008

Where I belong....

"Where do you come from?"

"Where are you from?"

"Where is home?"

Oh boy- how can those three questions be so difficult to answer! Normally, I answer the final question glibly, "Home is wherever my family is."

What happens when family becomes strewn across the globe. My siblings and parents are in five different countries at any given time. My children ventured out each in their own direction. Yesterday I was making a quick trip down to California- and I had alot of time to think while I walked through the husband is over in Africa right, I was wondering, "Where is home??" Strangely enough, I feel most at place in an airport...notice I didn't say 'home'..but rather 'at place'...just a feeling of 'fitting in' ... a particular sense of 'this is where I belong.'

Maybe home is "where ever I am"-- and I don't think I'm the one who coined this particular phrase. I'm sure I heard or read it somewhere.  Although, no matter where I am- I think travel will always beckon me- with a sound, a smell or a simple memory- as I found true recently when I heard the mournful sound of a train in the distance.

The Distant Call

Filtering through my window
The mournful bellow of the grey snake
Rattling clickity clack
Down the track 

Flooding my sleepy head
With memories of yesteryear
Journeys complete
Travels, oh so sweet

Fleeting cries echo in the night
Like a sleepy lullaby
Rocking along
A traveling song 

Filling my drowsy head
With visions of roads not yet taken
Places yet to explore
Destinations offering more

Filtering through my window
Bellows beckon me to travel
In my dreams
Or, so it seems.


  1. an interesting question!!!!
    I ask myself the same & realise sheepishly tht the house I live in now is matter where I go I dont quite get the good sleep that I get at home:-P.
    Hmmmm almost envying u for the mindset u have "Maybe home is "where ever I am""

  2. I have also lived in many places and have realised that being a housewife, where my hudband works, i make a home and I am happy:)


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