Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Simple Things in Life- Japan 1992

This picture is old and worn. It has traveled with me for 16 years. In suitcases, on my desk, slipped in a book and now it has found its place on my knickknack shelf. I see the photo displayed prominently in a heart shaped glass frame. It greets me when I enter the house and it bids me farewell when I leave. What is the significance of this picture?

Everytime I see this photo, I'm reminded of what is important in life. It is the simple things. We tend to want to complicate life. We dress it up and parade it around. We add frills and sashes. Life, in and of itself, is simple. You are born- you live and then you die. It can't get anymore simple than that. Whether you are born rich or born poor- you live- and you die.

Why does this photo remind me of this? There are my three children in the midst of the affluence in Japan. Technology abounding all around them: The latest toys, the most sophisticated gadgets and complicated electronics. Their happiest moments were spent in a cardboard box pretending they were voyagers out at sea. The wind in their faces and imaginary waves bashing against their vessel.

The picture is faded from years of handling. Despite the worn surface, the look of glee cannot be mistaken on all three of their faces. They found the joy in the simple act of imagination. Their discovery was priceless.


  1. Hi Anjuli,

    What you say is very true.,. Most often people tend to go after imaginary things hoping to get lucky and happy, yet its quite late when we realize the true meaning.,.

    I appreciate your attitude about Simplicity. As Amelia Barr says:

    It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

    Would appreciate if you can share your feedback about my blogs.



  2. what a fabulous post! :) shall come back for more.. thanks for visiting my blog btw..

  3. A beautiful photograph!!!!!!!
    And u've put it across so well....
    often a run in the park elicits more laughs from my kids than a funny catoon on tv.
    Lovely post!!!!!!!!

    p.s - u've been nominated!!!!!!


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