Monday, May 31, 2010

Liberty Cafe- Renton, WA

Remember the post about Jet City Expresso? Well, good things have come out of that little shop. 

Mike Moskowitz was a former barista there and now he is the co-owner of the Liberty Cafe in Downtown Renton. 

Liberty Cafe is more than just a coffee shop. It is a place where community gathers. 
It is a place to sip a drink, chat, find out about what is happening in Renton, or be entertained. Liberty Cafe is a ' must stop at' destination when visiting down town Renton.


  1. I love coffee shops as I don't drink and hate pubs. For me social gatherings outside home are always at cafes.

    This seems like a nice place.

  2. Mike makes a great cup of coffee and there's always some sort of interesting art or conversation to enjoy with your cup. Make sure to stop by whenever you're in DTR!!

  3. i love stories where someone ascends to a higher position. and i so dig his hair:)

  4. I love your post, bcoz my favorite drink is coffee and also love to chat that's why it would be my favorite place indeed. When I'll visit WA definitely go there.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy blogging

  5. I liked your post a lot. The best place where you can hang out with your friends is a coffee shop. I love to drink coffee and chit chat with my friends as lots can happen over a cup of coffee.

  6. Dear Anjuli: I am thinking of requesting few people to write a Guest Blog Post for my blog so that the readers will have some variety.

    Thought of checking with you too.
    The topic I have in mind is: "This NRI Life".

    Please think about it and let me know.

    I will be requesting few other people and will publish in the order I receive it.

    Thank you,

    ~ NRIGirl

  7. Thanks for this post on Liberty Café. I enjoy this type of coffee shops where gossiping is accompanied with a cup of coffee. Have a nice week. Bye.

  8. This sounds awesome! I love places like this - third places where people gather to talk and build community - so much.

  9. A & Nike & Jack- coffee shops are the BEST

    Anonymous- Thanks for letting us know more about the cafe!

    Ed- His hair is amazing

    NRIGirl- I'll definitely let you know- thanks for thinking of me (amongst others)- sorry for the late reply, I've been a bit preoccupied.

  10. I drink coffee, not tea, but love to visit coffee shops. An article I wrote about coffee shops around the world will be at soon.

  11. Vera- I'm more of a tea drinker also- but I do love to visit coffee shops for the atmosphere


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