Friday, July 1, 2011

Feature Friday - Lula Baird

Okay- Okay...I know I'm late...but I strongly adhere to the statement, "Better late than never!"  This week has been especially busy and so it took some time to sit down and get this pounded out.

I'm not sure why the price for this book is so high on The same book can be purchased for 10 dollars at this website

Lula Baird was an amazing woman! Her life story may not keep you glued to your seat, but it tells a story of a woman totally sold out for God. She went wherever He told her to go. She did whatever He told her to do. 

What kept me reading her autobiography was her ability to never give up. Her age never got in her way, physical ailments were simply hurdles to be jumped over to reach her destinations.  Lula Baird was part of a generation which, refreshingly, never bothered making excuses...they just did what had to be done!

As I said, she never allowed her age to deter her. I remember picking her up at the Narita Airport in Japan- she was in her late 80's. I attempted to help her with her baggage and she said, "I'm not an invalid!" 

Lula at 99 with my parents having a meal
A few years later I picked her up from the Singapore airport and took her to the Garden Hotel. She had just recovered from a major accident. The doctors told her she would never walk again. They didn't even want to work on her bones because they said it was a waste of time. She forced them to do everything they could to save her legs. Lula proved the doctors wrong; she walked again and she continued to travel around the world many times over.

Lula Baird died just after her 100th birthday on December 11, 2008.  She lived a full life and I am thankful she recorded at least part of that life in her autobiography.


  1. Interesting, will try to read this book.

  2. It's wonderful to hear of a long and well lived life!

  3. @ Ajeya and Annette- her life was one which was well lived indeed! This coming Friday I'll be featuring the memoirs of a fascinating woman- who is actually the grandmother of my future son-in-law- she and her husband lived in India and worked closely with the Tibetans in Darjeeling. Fascinating life story!!


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