Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feature Friday - Elcho and Millie Redding

Millie Redding has completed her life story and it is now available for purchase at createspace. Wherever He Leads chronicles some amazing life adventures of Millie and her husband Elcho in India, Japan, the US and China! I had the privilege of reading through the manuscript before it was published and I found it was a fascinating read.

Of course, another reason I find this particular book intriguing is because it introduced me to my future son-in-law's grandparents. I enjoyed reading of their background and their lives. I admire my future son-in-law very much and as I read about his grandfather, I could see so many similarities between them.

This is worth the read!


  1. I love the cover. The story looks intriguing as well. I've never purchased a book from CreateSpace. Do you know much about this--is it an ebook?

  2. @ Jackie- to be honest, I have neever purchased a book from CreateSpace- from what I had been told it is a regular book which is sent to you via mail (?) I was planning to purchase my copy on Monday so I'll let you know- I have the manuscript, but there were alot of changes since I read it- so I'm anxious to see the finished product- some great pictures are included also!

  3. Sounds like a fascinating read with different periods in those three countries!

  4. Sounds like it is a print-on-demand book. You order, they print and mail.

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  6. Thanks Connie. Now you have your own book. I have ordered more and it is now on Amazon as well. I will have plenty and as many as you want when I get home from Hawaii next week.

  7. sounds an interesting read... someday i will read it when it is available here :)

  8. @ Alexandra- Millie is a very intriguing woman and the book is interesting- just the fact it is set in the time period it is in and the locations she lives in.

    @ Vera- yes I believe you are right

    @Muhammad and Ajeya- I think it is interesting.

    @ Millie- hah- you have found my blog :) this weekend we will finally be related ;)


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