Tuesday, July 19, 2011

missing in action

I have been missing in action...so to speak...juggling various things has kept me too busy to even get into the blogs. Tonight I made a special effort to catch up with some of my blog reading- and I figured I'd toss in a short post! 

Let's see....what are some of the things I've been juggling? My hubby fell very ill last Monday. It was one of those freak things- he was fine one moment and then horribly ill the next. Thankfully he is back to himself - almost 100 percent. 

There were programs to attend- people to meet- places to be- you get the idea. I had to schedule myself to breathe.

I meet many people who have the complaint of being 'bored' with life- and my husband and I have discussed this on countless occasions..."What would it feel like to be bored???"...."What would it feel like to be lonely??"....I guess these are some of the things I should be grateful for...that I have no clue what it feels like to be bored...that I can't fathom being lonely...what a blessing!!! Sometimes we just take things for granted...we even gripe a bit..."Oh I'm soo busy" or "Oh my, I'm 'peopled' out"...not realizing these are such great blessings!!

Whether I'm sitting here at this computer or I'm missing in action- I am drowning in blessings!


  1. I am glad that your husband has recovered now. You have such a beautiful heart that nothing wrong can happen to you or your dear ones. God is great and He manages everything.

    And it is okay to be missing from blogworld occasionally. I am doing so from tomorrow onwards. haha :D

  2. Good your husband has recovered. I have been missing too for three weeks now. I am almost back to routine. I did not have internet access for 2 weeks but now I am back home. Will start writing as soon as I have tackled jet lag.

  3. I love the concept of drowning in blessings. And it's funny that you'd write about people who feel bored and/or lonely. I was just reading the first chapter in a book called Happy Yoga that spoke about how solitary confinement (in prisons, yes) can be a blessing, as it provides the time to go inside yourself and reflect. You learn what you're like in terms of your natural response to what some might think of as a grim situation. It could be a blessing, depending on how you perceive this time alone. Thus, being alone and lonely are two different things. And time alone can be a very good thing, as you've seen for yourself.

  4. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. Nice. Glad to see you back. Yep a peaceful mind will avoid all boredom and we start to enjoy life in smallest of smallest things

  6. Glad you are back. Sorry your husband was ill. Yes, bored is hard to understand, harder than lonely.

  7. @ Nisha- I can't wait for you to return from your trip & tell us ALL about it :)

    @ A- looking forward to more of your updates

    @ Jackie- ah yes, time alone is most wonderful :)

    @ Mr. Lonely - thank you for the visit, I also visited your blog and realize we are from a similar location- do you hail from Malaysia?

    @ Ajeya - that is the key to enjoy life!!

    @ Alexandra - My husband is doing so much better! It is good to be back- although the busy schedule is seeming to keep me away from being consistent- I'm trying though :)

  8. Hi Anjuli,
    You know I can never be bored even when i am not doing anything. I just love life, and just can't waste my time feeling bored for I never get bored. Glad to know your husband is okay.
    Just came to your blog through another blog.

  9. @ rama- just went by your blog- loved everything about it- the pics, the write ups- am now a follower and look forward to more great updates :) Thanks for your visit!

  10. how are the wedding preps coming along?
    must be so exciting! :) (and tiring im sure!)

  11. just realised my comment asking about your husband's health much earlier hasnt published.

    hope he is better. and you are doing well too.

  12. Anjuli - I've noticed you've been missing but so have I. Sorry to hear of your husband's illness, glad to hear he's fine again. BTW - I'm totally with you on the being bored issue, I just don't understand how anyone could be bored! I am forever pushing a pile of things ahead of me I'd like to do, to say nothing of the things I have to do!

  13. I have missed you. Thank you for your sweet spirit of encouragement.

  14. @ Limenlemons- hubby is doing great now & preps for the wedding are full on- the wedding date is the 20th!! OH MY! just a few more days. Will be able to be back on blog roll more after that.

    @ Annette- agreed- especially these past few weeks, I don't even comprehend the word 'bored' :) Sorry I have been AWOL the past few weeks- after the wedding this weekend I should be back on track.

    @ Susan- enjoyed your latest post- will be back on track after my daughter's wedding! (this weekend)- Looking forward to getting caught up with all the blogs etc.


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