Friday, January 6, 2012

Feature Friday- Readings in Reverse

It is not every day that you come across a blog which is just a little bit out of the ordinary. Although, the blog owner, Seth Cole, has only just begun, I sense this will be a great blog to follow.  

Readings in Reverse  is a blog written by a very talented man. He has accomplished a myriad of things in his life (despite his young age). He loves arts, conversation and his greatest love is the study of ancient languages...particularly Ancient Biblical languages. His blog features this very subject and he even has coined his own word for the study process he uses. (Did I mention he is an amazing young man?)

Anyhow- don't take my word for it- go visit his blog and read what he has to say. Sit with your cup of coffee or tea and start up a discussion with Seth. Encourage him not to stop with just one posting or two postings, but to continue in his new journey of blogging.


  1. Interesting blog Anjuli. Thanks

  2. thanks for the recommendation. sounds like an interesting blog & nice name too - readings in reverse

  3. Interesting indeed!Thanks Anjuli!

  4. @ Ajeya, Jackie, Sujatha and Rahul- thanks for checking out the blog :)

  5. I did. It's going to test my intellect and reminds me of the Bible Study group I was lucky to take part in almost eight years ago. The teacher was from a Jewish family, she had studied Hebrew, and was an ordained minister. So her background enabled her to see the scripture from so many sides. It was quite fascinating to hear her explain what was happening in Biblical days, to give us a greater understanding of the meaning behind the Bible stories and passages. I miss that, and the teacher has long moved away.


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