Monday, January 16, 2012

Memory Monday- Hidden Treasures (2006)

The year was 2006 and I was on a brief visit to the States from Ghana.  My daughter, Cass decided she wanted to show me Tacoma's 'old town' antique district. When we arrived on Broadway street, a parking space was not difficult to find. The weather was perfect for a pleasant day of strolling in and out of shops. We pondered over vintage dresses that would have looked superb on Cass, but the costs were prohibitive. The prices didn't stop us from dreaming of what they would look like if we did buy them. 
"... you could wear this one for an evening out on the town...and that one would be just excellent for a job interview....and of course, that little number would do nicely for a romantic evening- which you are too young to even think about at this time- so let's move on to the next shop....."

Almost to the end of our browsing we stepped into an insignificant antique store. It looked almost like an old five and dime store, although I'm not even sure what those looked like except what I've seen on the movies. No one was around, and we gingerly made our way down the aisle. 

Suddenly a voice stopped us...."Is this your first time in here?" The voice came from behind the glass counter. Up popped a friendly lady munching on something. She was trying to look like she wasn't munching, but I could tell her jaws were definitely moving in a 'munching' motion. Flicking some crumbs off her chin she continued, "Well if this is your first time, you have to make sure to see the other two levels."
I instinctively looked up. 

"No, the levels are down below"

Cass looked down at the floor. The lady motioned towards the back of the store, "The stairs are back there."

We thanked her and walked towards the back of the store and sure enough there was the staircase. For some reason it made us giggle...and giggle is what we did for most of our journey down into the soul of the building. I think it was just the excitement of having found such a treasure!! 

We walked down an incline on what must have been a loading dock of some sort in days gone by.  Along the way there was shop after shop- all very well decorated and cozy. We ended up on a floor that was dazzling in its day. We walked past furniture that should be sitting in a King's palace, and yet here it sat all dusty and worn. I couldn't help thinking of all the stories these pieces of furniture could tell me if they could only speak. 
On the third floor down, the real treasure was hidden. A most glorious and spectacular library...not a big library...mind you...but such a masterpiece of one. It was like a dream come true. A tacky little sign with arrows pointing in opposite directions was attached to the middle of the bookshelves: "Ten dollars for all books this direction, Fifteen dollars for books this direction" (or something to that effect).

We didn't want to leave this glorious discovery, but could see that time was escaping us. When we emerged into the sunshine, we couldn't stop commenting on what a wonderful experience that had been.

Cassandra decided that we needed to buy something...just a token remember this most wonderful day. We went into a few remaining shops- now all appearing so 'normal.' The last shop we entered had the tea cup we knew we must buy ...."$10"....a good price for a very pretty tea cup with a saucer....we both agreed this was the right purchase to be made. Now every time I see the tea cup perched on my counter, I can't help but smile at the memory of a hidden treasure.

* The delicious treasure is found in the bowels of Sanford and Son in Tacoma. If you are ever in town, don't forget to visit them, you will not regret your time there. 

** all pictures courtesy of Sanford and Son Facebook page. 

*** Don't just take my word for it, see the great reviews on Yelp

**** picture of THE tea cup added on request of Rama


  1. What an extraordinary place, loved everything about it. Where is the Tea cup photo?
    Please put it up.

  2. @ Rama- your wish is my command- I have since uploaded the pic of the tea cup. Thanks for thinking of it- I had not even thought to upload it. If you ever come and visit me in Seattle, I will take you down to Tacoma to see the treasure! :)

  3. Hello Ms.Anjuli..woooooohhh..antique shops for me are creepy..when you said Ms.Anjuli you are going down to the next level I was expecting a dark, old creepy place but is so nice and properly lightened up..lots of books..thank uo for this post Ms.Anjuli..passing by and I'm glad you had a great bonding time with your daughter ;)

  4. That was very interesting Anjuli! Sometimes we come across the treasure troves accidentally :)

  5. Thank you, that set is so pretty, you did well by putting it up here. I will definitely come to you to take me to that place, it has such beautiful collection, and priced also reasonably. I visited their site in FB.
    Thanks for sharing and also inviting me to your place. We surely would have some fun time together.

  6. @ Sie- I love antique shops :)

    @ Rahul- yes, I have found the best treasures are usually stumbled upon

    @ Rama - glad you checked out their FB page- be sure to check back Wednesday for a follow up story to this one :)

  7. love the teacup :) pretty!

    your art of story-telling amazes me everytime. through the post, i felt like i was with Cass and you on this wonderful trip!

  8. @ Limenlemons - your words are always an encouragement to me- afterall, it was you who propelled me out of my slump and got me back to writing :) Thank you! NOW when are YOU going to get back to writing on your blog- sure do miss your posts.

  9. That library is a treasure indeed!

  10. @ Kusum - it is definitely a treasure

  11. lovely pics and the narration. you took us along with you on this one

  12. @ Sujatha - it is such a special place, I can't even begin to have the words to describe it properly- one simply must BE there to understand.

  13. Wow! Must go here soon. Everything about this place seems ... well spectacular.

    1. If you are in the area- this is a definite MUST to see- I'll take you there! Are you planning on visiting Seattle anytime soon??

    2. I really want to. A close friend of mine visits Seattle for work at least 6 times a year and has been asking me to go with her in July. *fingers crossed*


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