Monday, January 2, 2012

Memory Monday- Sean Frederick Ong- Jan 2nd 1986

Wow....I love the fact I get to start my "Memory Monday" with one of my BEST memories. The birth of my son, Sean Frederick Ong! 

January 2nd 1986, this little guy came into my life and just totally changed everything....he taught me so much. His birth was a miracle, in the sense he almost died due to complications. He was a tough cookie and decided to fight for his life. I'm so glad he did.

He has grown up and has a wonderful family of his own now. Isn't it amazing to watch your child grow up into their own person? I just love seeing how he has developed into a man of strong integrity, responsibility and gentleness. As I look back over his life, I see so many wonderful memories. Now, I look forward to the new memories he will continue to create.


  1. yes, its truly heart-warming to see our child grow up

    happy birthday (belated) to your son :)

    good way to start the MM

  2. That was nice journey down the memory lane. Great! hope you had a good new year celebration

  3. Lovely post! It is really a pleasure to see the children grow ..

  4. I can understand your thrill in going back to the time your son was born, and coming back to the present and see him all grown up with a family of his own, a good responsible and lovable man that he has become. It is really wonderful to see our children grow up, and it hardly takes us seconds to go back to the past and feel how we felt the first time we held our child in our trembling hands.
    Loved , loved and loved this post very much.

  5. @ Sujatha, Ajeya, Rahul - Yes this was a great trip down memory lane- and I'm having a wonderful time visiting him and observing him all grown up :)

    @ Rama - Oh how wonderful it is to see them all grown up- but lovely to remember them when they were not so grown. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  6. awww proud mum! :) its such a touching post. warm birthday wishes for your son

  7. @ limenlemons- yes a very proud mom indeed :)

  8. I can understand your emotions.
    That was nice journey down the memory lane. belated Happy b'day to your son. And be always proud of your children and the memories they gave you to relish.

  9. @ Nisha- thanks for your kind comment


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