Monday, September 14, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

*These are random pictures of my 1985 trip from India to England. (actually, to be truly accurate- from Pakistan to England- you have to read the blog entry to understand.)


  1. My God...what priceless pictures :)..and you drove to all these places in that car. Is that the beetle??
    I love the fact that the car is the central figure in all the pictures :)

  2. A- the car was a 1958 Morris Minor- and yes, we drove it all the way from India to England. (Although, I started driving from Pakistan)-- so many places- so many people.

    The reason the car is the central figure in all of them is because the car was the 'star' on the trip :) ha ha- we were just along for the ride.

  3. The pictures are brilliant...I clicked on each one & zoomed in. The pic with the rainbow is just WOW.

    All these beautiful memeories!!!! U have such a rich past to look back at.......& to share:-))

  4. Reflections- yes lots of beautiful memories- I figured I would preserve them before they faded away completely :)

  5. beautiful pictures!!!! and what fantastic memories. im already feeling a little envious for your grandchildren :) ur gonna have such awesome stories to tell! lol.....

  6. What an experience this must have been.

  7. Haddock- it was an unforgettable experience which I won't trade for the world!

  8. ohh the pics!! Good, I clciked on this post:-))

    the first one is PAK, and the second ladt one is the turkey bridge na.. but the rainbow one is quite a click!

    1. If I'm not mistaken the rainbow one is also taken in Turkey. Seems to me it was- I could be mistaken though. I know the snow one is definitely Turkey.

      You are always finding the good shots!


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