Wednesday, September 9, 2009

USA-2008-what a year

Highlights included-

*Sean getting married

*Sean graduating from University

*Sean getting a job in Colorado and moving there with his new wife, Neisha

*Cassandra graduating from high school

*Katrina and Cassandra went to Nepal for the summer

*Daniel moving back to the US

*Me traveling only a couple times during the year- amazing!! (one of the trips was to Toronto, Canada - and I had the pleasure of seeing Niagara Falls)

*moved to the house I am now staying in...wonderful, wonderful house!

*experienced a snow storm like I've never experienced before (and apparently it was record breaking for Washington State)


  1. So many milestones in one year :). You have such a full life :)....those are really sweet pics. So you live in washinton DC or the Seattle area? Of course if you don't mind me asking

  2. A- no problem with you asking- I live in the Seattle area- in renton actually. If you ever come to this area, I have a standing guest room- I call it my 'Africa room'- because it is decorated with all my mementos from Ghana. :)

  3. :) wow....Africa room...that is soo awesome....Thanks Anjuli....I will remember to email you if I am in those parts.

    :) I feel so excited..just reading this :)

  4. The Africa room still awaits you :)


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