Thursday, September 10, 2009

USA - 2009- life stretches out ahead

Aah, how did I arrive here? When I started this blog it was just to chronicle my trip from India to England. As I get older, my mind dims a bit and some facts fade. I wanted to capture those memories before they disappeared altogether.

The memories stretched on past the journal of my trip. Nothing elaborate, nothing intense, just simple bits and pieces of various times in my life. Sometimes I will look back at an entry and wonder, "Why didn't I mention..this or that..." but then this wasn't meant to be a blog about the specifics or the details. The wide brush strokes make up the pictures formed on these pages. Sometimes one has to actually step back when viewing this blog to get the overall picture. As I step back, I breathe in and let the air out, it is ...after all, my life. It overwhelms me, at times, to know I lived all this...and more. The more might be a bit too much for some to view. :) I leave it with the wide brush strokes.

I turn to pick up my brush; I pause and look at the canvas set before me. 2009, 2010, 2011, and on and on it goes. oh my! What beautiful colors are already starting to appear. So much joy and some pain all merge together to form yet another landscape of where my life is going and where it has been.


  1. This us so nice... Kind of like a thank you to the blog for being there. I don't think anyone writes their blog with a fine brush stroke. We all use wide brushes. They are the best variety to look back on and remember what we choose to.

  2. Have no clue what to say here except that u expressed it so well....the wealth of experience u have behind u is like mind-boggling for a small-town girl like me and oh so exciting:-))

  3. Reflections- hah- a 'small town' girl like you- who lives in Dubai and jets back to India every once in awhile- yep- real 'small town girl' :) ha ha!!

  4. small town compared to ur vast experiences....and I dont just mean ur travelling.


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