Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Say Good bye -Sept 2009 USA

"Good bye" has become a familiar refrain in my life. Whether I'm the one going or the one staying it rolls off my lips. The farewells do not become easier with time, but I become better at withstanding them. The hardest part is the 'pre' good bye stage...right before I'm going to travel, or my husband, my children,my parents or friends will travel. Its the feeling of my heart crinkling up into a dried up piece of passion fruit. I don't want to think of life 'without' whoever I'm leaving or is leaving me.

The "good bye" itself and the aftermath go smoothly; after all, what am I supposed to do? I can't afford time to mope around.

Today the time came again for me to say good bye to my husband. It doesn't matter this time will only be three weeks; all good byes feel the same. Normally the "good bye" ritual begins with me giving my husband one last squeeze. While he walks through the security line, he glances back several times with either of us smiling or mouthing something like "I'll miss you"...."Hurry back".... etc etc. I give a final wave when he is walking out of view. Only when I cannot see any part of him, do I turn to go.

As I walk away from the farewell scene, I'm fine. Deep breath- my day planner comes out and I figure out how to juggle everything I have to do.

Now I look forward to when I say "Hello" again!!


  1. U have expressed it so beautifully!!!

    U knw I read somewhere that distance never can separate 2 hearts that really care and also tht if u really miss somebody u shd urself blessed that u have somebody so special to miss:-)).

  2. I loved what you had to say about if you miss someone you should feel blessed that you HAVE someone to miss!! wow- I love that!!

  3. you know..if you look at it...we say bye and hello or hi, to love ones everyday..when they go out and come back from work or from the market's only the number of hours in between that's different between teh daily and the short/long trips. But it's the not seeing the person at in teh morning or holding them at night that makes a lot of difference.
    we miss those we love...that is the most wonderful yet sad feeling.

    cheer up.. :)...a hello is round teh corner :)

  4. A- you are absolutely correct...we say good bye and hello everyday- it is just a matter of timing.

    And I can look forward to the hello which will be coming soon.

    Oh I loved your pics!!


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