Friday, February 12, 2010

Accra Feb 13 2010

On the flight from Seattle to Amsterdam, I overheard a myriad conversations ...."Yes meet me in Nairobi, I should be there by tomorrow"...."I'll be in Chad so you won't be able to reach me."...."I'm flying to Accra, Ghana" ..Oops, that was my own conversation. 

Schiphol remains the same- one of my favorite airports. I love their lounging chairs. They make the long layovers go by faster.

Arriving back in Accra after three years has been quite interesting. Everything at the airport felt 'normal'- even when I was driving 'home' things seemed just like old times. It was almost as if I had not left. Aaaah, but that was at 9.30 pm- the electricity was off- I could hardly see. 

Then....morning came....I hardly recognized the city. So many new buildings. New roads, which are still under construction. My day started early and I felt like I was in the car most of the time fighting traffic. The street sellers meandered between cars selling everything from hats, socks, snacks, to jewelry and even an extremely large portrait of the last supper. Ah, yes, I am back in Ghana.

Beautiful buildings everywhere...more being built...large, expensive edifices...and I wondered, "Where is the economic downturn here?" It appears to have by passed Ghana. The inflation has not bypassed this country; but then, inflation has always been a common part of the economy here. 

Monstrous structures soaring up and out over the land. I miss the Ghana of three years ago. I miss the Ghana of 13 years ago. I miss the chaos without the construction. Like a type of magnifying glass, the construction has appeared to amplify the chaos in ways which skew it out of its natural proportion. 

Thankfully, Accra is not the sum and total of Ghana....Wednesday I head out to Pram Pram- I think I'll capture some of the Ghana I remember there. In the meantime, they tell me this is what can I say...


  1. Well It's a very interesting post . I like it very much.
    Thanks for your article .

  2. :) just yesterday at dinner i was discussing with my uncle about 'progress'. i just moved to a city that everyone talks about lovingly ....only they talk about it from 10 years ago. now with all the development and progress they say its lost its charm and ill never know what a beautiful place it used to be. thats when my uncle turned around and remarked that if thats what progress means why are we celebrating it?

  3. bob- thank you for your comment- would love to find your blog- if you can email me the link.

    Limenlemons- I know exactly what your uncle means!!!

  4. Interesting post. I learnt something new today. Thanks


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