Monday, February 8, 2010

Heritage Restaurant- Accra, Ghana

A Traveler's Library  did a update on Valentine's dayAt the end of the update the question was posed: "What are you hoping for on Valentine's Day..." Thinking over the question, I realized I will be in Ghana on Valentine's day. So I began to think about where I might want to go on that day. 

I'll be speaking for Elim International Family Church in Accra that Sunday. There will be three services back to back. I won't have much of a chance to eat during the day- but for dinner I would like to go to the Heritage Restaurant in Osu. It is an Indian restaurant and the food is utterly divine!!!!! 

Actually the 14th of Feb is also Chinese New Year-  so I might have to go to Imperial Peking on the 14th and then go to Heritage on the 15th.


  1. Whichever restaurent u decide to go, I hope u have a wonderful time:-)!!!!

  2. you're heading to Ghana? or are you already there? have a safe journey and enjoy both the restaurants :)

  3. Reflections- Yes, I will have a great time- thank you for your lovely thoughts!!

    A- I'll be leaving on Wednesday morning- and I will enjoy the restaurants

  4. Thanks for such informative post. It's a nice restaurant. I will try to visit this place one day.

  5. So you are already there. Let us know how you enjoyed your day. Never been to that place.

    Chinese new year is what I am looking forward to. To know how they celebrate in Malaysia, my fav. country these days.

  6. Graphic Design- I hope you do visit Ghana one day- it is a lovely country.

    Nisha- Yes, I am here- Come to Ghana some time- You will love it- but don't stay in Accra- try to get out of the city and really enjoy Ghana :)

    As for CNY in Malaysia- (and Singapore)- it is one of my fav times of year- the visiting of family and friends- eating lots and lots of tidbits- enjoying laughter- exchanging ang pohs (red packets with money) for the children and unmarried festivities all around.


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